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Websites providing indexes of religious resources:

bullet Christian Lesbians have a listing by state of congregations that are probably gay-affirming. See:
bullet Delta-V maintains a list of over 600 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual North American organizations, indexed by location and specialty. See:
bullet GayChurch maintains an international registry of welcoming churches. See:
bullet GayChurch also maintains a list of national GLBT church events at:
bullet JesusinLove maintains a list of LGBT-friendly churches and para-church ministries. See:

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Religiously based lesbian, gay, bisexual resources:

bullet The American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization with members from many religions. It has a listing of religious and secular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual resources at:
bullet The Apostolic Restoration Mission "has endeavored, seeking direction from the Lord, to open up His word in truth, and to dispel the myths that mainstream denominations have used to abuse and wound the gay community." See:
bullet The Center for Democratic Renewal has an essay "Homosexuality and Religion" at:
bullet The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry is at: 
bullet Logo of Christian Gays ChristianGays.comô "... affirms homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle supported by enlightened ... interpretation of the Bible.  We are a community of GLBTIQ Christians (and a few other faiths) from 13 - 96 who would love to welcome you as part of 'the family'.   Social Group, Chat Rooms, Dating Service, Articles, Resources, Education, Prison Ministry, Blogging, Books & Music For Sale, and much more. See:
bullet Gay & Catholic: One man, one journey is a blog intended to share the webmaster's experiences in the hope that it helps others in their journeys. See:
bullet Gay Christian Europe "... offers multi-lingual support and resources to Christians of all denominations in Europe, who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) or questioning their sexual orientation, in their own mother tongues." See:
bullet The Gay Dad has a "Summary of Religious Views on Homosexuality" at:
bullet The Hartford Institute for Religion Research has a list of "Denominationally oriented advocacy groups" at:
bullet The Interfaith Working Group maintains a very large list of hyperlinks to ern sites working in the fields of equal rights for gays and lesbians, support groups, etc. See: 

John Kreitzer has written a fascinating essay titled "God's True Word." He discusses: "Why do many churches teach that all unions are blessed by God and perform marriages for gays and lesbians while others say it is a sin?" His essay covers religious history during the past two millennia. It conains photographs of the genitals of an intersex person which viewers might find fascinating, disturbing, etc. See:

bullet PFLAG-Atlanta has a list of "National religious organizations affirming gays and lesbians at:
bullet Plucked Strings: Liberal Christian Voices sells shirts, art, stationery and more for the thinking Christian. They have a gay-positive "Straight but not narrow isle."  They also have a "Separate Church and Hate" aisle. See:
bullet Second Stone is an ecumenical Christian newspapers for lesbians gays, bisexuals and transsexuals. See:
bullet TruthSetsFree is a personal web site by Justin Cannon who makes his report "The Bible, Christianity and homosexuality" available in Word, PDF, HTML eReader, and hard copy format. See: 
bullet UCLA LGBT has an essay on "Homosexuality and Religion" at:
bullet What are False Christians is a personal web site which contrasts Christian faith groups which preach exclusion and hatred with those which teach love and acceptance. The site has a major essay on homosexuality. See:
bullet Whosoever is an online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians. Their "ministries provide resources to help GLBT people reclaim their faith, rekindle their relationship to God through Christ, and grow in their spiritual relationship to God. Whosoever is dedicated to emboldening GLBT people and their straight allies to work for justice and equality within the church and society at large. Whosoever strives to assure GLBT people that they are included in God's unconditional love and are already justified by their faith and sanctified by grace alone." See:

Transgender and Transsexual resources:

bullet We have a separate listing of web sites and organizations that deal specifically with transsexualism, being transgender, gender dysphoria, & gender identity topics

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