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Homosexuality and bisexuality


The United Church of Christ & homosexuality

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This is not part of the United Church of Christ's web site. It is a section on the web site that describes the beliefs and practices of different faith groups concerning homosexuality and bisexuality.

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is an American Protestant denomination with a long history of fighting discrimination based on race, gender, and now sexual orientation and gender identity. Being from the liberal wing of Christianity, they have tended to tackle matters of bigotry and discrimination long before many other denominations.

In 2005, the UCC became the first major Christian denomination in the U.S. to promote same-sex marriage. They confirmed this position in 2007.

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Overview of the UCC and homosexuality
bullet Statements of inclusivity and General Synod resolutions
bullet Endorsement of same-sex marriage by General Synod 25 (2005)
bullet Items in the media
bullet The UCCA TV ad that was "too controversial"

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