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The United Methodist Church and homosexuality

Letter Writing Campaign
to support Rev. Jimmy Creech

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Support Jimmy

The Methodist Federation for Social Action sponsored a letter writing campaign in support of Rev. Jimmy Creech. It terminated on 1998-MAR-5. The statement below is published for historical reasons.

On September 14, 1997, United Methodist Minister Jimmy Creech took a stand that may change history. He performed a union ceremony for two women who wanted to commit themselves to one another in the eyes of God. Because of Social Principles adopted by the United Methodist Church, a controversy has ensued. It is not only about these 2 women, or about Jimmy Creech: it is about justice, equality, compassion, and integrity.

As justice seeking people, whether we happen to be United Methodists or not, we believe in the vision of equal rights and privileges for all people regardless of sexual orientation. It is up to us to support and spread the light and the vision upon which Rev. Jimmy Creech staked his reputation, livelihood and career.

We now join together to inform the nation that we support his vision and commend his actions by writing letters to our local papers and church newsletters, and by any other means available to us to proclaim the vision and inform the public that this is not an issue which is going to disappear.

We ask that you do at least one of the following:

a) Write a letter yourself using the points described below.

b) Organize letter writing opportunities in your church or other supportive organizations.
Provide copies of the model letter to the editor, along with addresses for the local paper, congresspeople, and religious authorities.

c) Post this information on your web site and add a link from your website to an
organization that is supporting Rev. Creech.  

d) Send copies of your letter, or any information regarding Rev. Creech (letters, editorials, or articles) from your local paper to Proclaim the Vision, PO Box 5096, Lancaster, PA 17606, or email  

Thank-you for your support. Proclaim the Vision!

Laura Montgomery Rutt,
Nat'l Organizer, Proclaim the Vision
Methodist Federation for Social Action

George McClain,
National Executive Director
Methodist Federation for Social Action

Sponsored link:

Model Letter to the Editor


Your local paper

Dear Editor:

As a (
United Methodist/person of faith/ mother/ Christian.....) I applaud the actions of Rev. Jimmy Creech of First United Methodist Church of Omaha, Nebraska for taking a stand and performing a same sex union on Sept. 14, 1997.

Pick 2 or 3 points, or write your own):

1) This debate can no longer be characterized as a debate between the religious and the irreligious. Religious people are taking a stand in favor of same sex unions and equal rights for gays and lesbians because of our faith and our belief in the gospels and spirit of Jesus Christ.

2) There are many people (of faith) that believe as I do that heterosexual relationships are not inherently superior to homosexual relationships. The issue is equality and justice for all. Many of the same churches that segregated members in the pews by race are the same churches that now condemn same sex unions.

3) Many people of faith are speaking out on this issue. The Bible teaches us to be compassionate for other, to not judge lest we be judged, to seek justice and equality for all people.

4) The commitment of two people to love, honor and cherish one another 'til death do them part should be encouraged and celebrated, whether those people are of the same sex or not.

5) Many religious institutions from many faith traditions accept sexual minorities as full and equal members of their churches and communities, and almost every major denomination has tenets which support legislation ensuring equal rights for gays and lesbians and freedom from discrimination.

6) My faith compels me to speak out on this issue because I believe that we are all equal in the eyes of God.

7) Homosexuals no less than heterosexuals are God's children and people of inherent and sacred worth and dignity, who are fulfilled by the ministry of the church and who fulfill the ministry of the church by their unique talents and blessings.

Jimmy Creech is standing up for what is right and true and just, and I support his vision.


Your Name
Affiliation (if applicable)
Daytime phone number

Also send a copy to:

Bishop Joel N. Martinez
PO Box 4553,
Lincoln NE, 68504


bullet CORNET stands for COvenant Relationships NETwork. "CORNET addresses unjust practices and unloving practices in The United Methodist Church concerning same-gender covenant services." See:
bullet The Alliance for Tolerance and Freedom  is hosting a page devoted to the letter writing campaign. See:

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