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The Unification Church and homosexuality:

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lgbt symbol Overview:

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity -- commonly called the Unification Church -- was founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon during 1954 in Soeul, South Korea. They currently have on the order of 5,000 members in the United States, and many more elsewhere.

The organization is a strong supporter of the "traditional heterosexual family" involving the voluntary union of one woman and one man.

A remarkable event in 1982 brought the Association a great deal of publicity. Rev. Moon conducted a wedding service in which more than 2,000 engaged couples were married. At a subsequent mass wedding, he married 6,500 couples. He had since organized similar events before his death in 2012.

The church teaches that the present world is fallen and filled with evil. It is gradually being replaced by the "entirely good Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." 5 This will culminate by the second coming of Jesus to earth.

They hold the belief that, because of sin, the marriage of Adam and Eve was imperfect. A perfect marriage is required to overcome this failure. Unfortunately, Jesus was executed before he could accomplish this. As a result, a third Adam must marry, now or in the future, to form this ideal relationship. Some followers of the Unification Church believe that Rev. Moon was that third Adam.

According to the Unification News, the church acknowledges that Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) is the Son of God.

"...this means that he is not the Daughter of God. But God is the Creator of woman as well as man; God must have a Daughter in order to completely disclose Himself." 6

They view the Holy Spirit as feminine -- as the Daughter of God. From this concept flows the assertion:

"... that the fundamental model of love is not male-male [or female-female], but male-female ...[as symbolized by] the true, spiritual parents, Jesus and the Holy Spirit." 6

With this emphasis on male-female couples as the only valid model for intimate relationships, and on opposite-sex marriage as the only ideal, it is reasonable to expect that the Unification Church has very negative views on same-gender sexual behavior:

bullet Persons who are sexually actively with members of the same sex are not admitted into membership. This would include sexually active homosexuals and some sexually active bisexuals.

bullet Similarly actively persons are prohibited from the clergy.

bullet Most church leaders are married and have stable families.

bullet Since they consider a gay or lesbian committed relationship to be an abomination, commitment services and marriages for same-sex couples are not held.

bullet Their practice is to "hate the sin but love the sinner," a commonly expressed phrase by many conservative Christians.

bullet They view homosexual behavior as a major deviation from the God-centered family.

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Quotations from the Unification Church web site:

A search was made for the term "homosexuality" in a Unification Home Page.1 Many references were found within the speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In common with most conservative Christian denominations, he defines "homosexuality" in terms of actual sexual behavior by same-sex couples. In contrast, the LGBT community, most religious liberals secularists, human sexuality researchers, therapists, etc. define homosexuality in terms of feelings of sexual attraction by one person to another of the same sex.

The difference is very important, because sexual activity can be chosen and changed. For example, people can choose to be celibate if they wish. However, most people -- other than religious conservatives -- believe that a person's sexual orientation is not chosen and is not changeable in adulthood.

A random sampling of quotes follows:  


In a speech called "God's Will and the Ocean" given by Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Provincetown during 1982, Rev. Moon said:

"Look at Provincetown where so many youth come to use drugs and gay people gather together. They might become the people who lead America. Their lifestyle goes against universal law. Why was man or woman born? Man was born for woman and woman was born for man. Man was not born for man and woman was not born for woman. We are born for each other. Even in the insect world there isn't any mix-up in that standard. Even in the animal kingdom there is no such confusion in their natural setting. No other group in creation has this problem. Just mankind. This indicates to us that the final days are here when mankind must decide between future prosperity or its own destruction. We have to ask, why did Adam need Eve and vice versa? We have to understand clearly that they were made for each other in order to bear children. Children represent the future. They would have produced better people than themselves. Just as a tree produces better fruit, the desire of man and woman is to produce better children than themselves. For the sake of a better future, that is why man and woman need each other."

" is shameful for America that so many young people are destroying their bodies with drugs and also destroying their future by indulging in homosexual relationships. They are not the hope of America. History really needs a group which can lead young people into the future. The world needs that group, America needs such a group. Even God himself needs that kind of group." 1

Webmaster's note: Rev. Moon's statement that same-sex behavior does not occur in nature among animals has been shown to be incorrect. Such behavior has been regularly observed among all mammals and among some other species in the wild.

bullet "Men and women who practice homosexuality may feel strong sensations from that, but it has no resonance in truth; ultimately it is hollow. But when two people experience true love, it resonates throughout the universe." (1983)

bullet "Look at New York City. It is actually hell. Every night there are thousands of sins committed. . . murder, prostitution, drugs, homosexuality and free sex. This city continues in a hellish way. It prospers under Satan's control." (1990)

bullet "Today, in the west we see the heart core of Satan's way. Free sex and homosexuality is not allowed by God, no drugs or alcohol." (1993)

bullet "Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism are exactly opposite to God's purpose of creation...Only the Unification Church is free of family problems, free of AIDS, homosexuality and free sex." (1994)

bullet "Satan is destroying the families of the world. He is using strategies such as homosexuality, free sex and the destruction of morality to ruin peoples' lives." (1995)

bullet "Fornication, adultery, prostitution, incest, abortion, rape, pornography, homosexuality and all sexual perversions are carried out through these love organs, tainted human life in all races, cultures, religions, etc., throughout human history." (undated)

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Quotations from the True Parents Organization web site:

This group was founded by Rev. Moon. It contains the texts of many speeches by leaders of the Unification Church. Some excerpts are:

bulletRev. Moon: "Sexual intercourse complications. Is the world around us a peaceful world centered upon God, or is it all confused? That is what is called free sex. What is the meaning of lesbians and homosexuals? That is the place where all different dungs collect. We have to end that behavior. When this kind of dirty relationship is taking place between human beings, God cannot be happy. That is what the secular world is like. As the lord of all creation, are we seeking that kind of world?

As human beings, we should mobilize our forty billion cells and clean up these dirty places. Would you women want this dirty dung-filled water to be poured over you? What about men, do you want to be soaked in that kind of dirty water? Only Satan and dirty dung-eating dogs go after that." (1997) 3

Many gay, lesbian and anti-Unification Church web sites have picked up this reference to "dung-eating dogs" and claimed that Rev. Moon was using the term to refer to homosexuals. The Unification Church cautions people that only Rev. Moon's original speeches in Korean are exact; translations into English care not necessarily completely reliable.

bulletAlex Colvin: "...I recently sat through an hour and a half of heavy pro-homosexual propaganda on ABC-one hour of Ellen and the first section of Prime Time with Ellen and her family. Why, I ask myself, when we realize that the breakdown of the family is the number one problem in America, is the major media in this country promoting an aberrant sexual life style? For weeks the newspapers have been touting the program, as though the appearance of a gay lead in a television series is equivalent to Jackie Robinson's debut in professional baseball. ... Homosexuality is wrong! It's common sense. God made man for woman and God made woman for man. God created the sexual organs so that a man and a woman could become one with each other in a joyful expression of their love. God valued the sexual union between husband and wife to the degree that he made it the means through which the chromosomes of a man and woman could unite to create a new life. That is the purpose of creation. It is natural law. And men and women throughout the world know innately that it is so....ABC and the major media have just completed a major propaganda campaign promoting homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. This is more than a slap in the face of the family. This is a heinous assault on the moral foundation of our society. There is a culture war taking place in America-a war between God-centered morality and self-centered amorality. ABC and those who have cooperated in their publicity campaign for Ellen have clearly declared their position as enemies of the moral principles which are necessary to preserve our country." (1997) 8
bulletPaul Carlson: "[It] Seems there really are homosexual animals, of two kinds.
bullet First: those too dumb to grasp their own gender, and likely to mate with anything resembling their species, and often, any promising inanimate object.

bullet Second: those who mate only once a year. These must first defeat a horde of male rivals, then spend themselves in a day-long frenzy -- with anyone who gets close enough.

Your author does have several gay friends, but in my opinion, there are human males who combine the worst of both traits…" (2002) 7

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Rev. Moon's prophecy of the "elimination" of gays:

Rev. Moon delivered a speech in 2004-JAN at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. He allegedly said, in part:

"There will be a purge on God's orders, and evil will be eliminated like shadows. Gays will be eliminated, the 3 Israels will unite. If not then they will be burned. We do not know what kind of world God will bring but this is what happens. It will be greater than the communist purge but at God's orders." 9,10 [Emphasis not in the original]

Unfortunately, his statement is amgiguous. Rev. Moon may have meant that God will eliminate all gays:

  • Through genocide as He did during the flood of Noah and the Hebrew's Exodus from Egypt, or

  • Buy changing everyone with a homosexual orientation so that they have a heterosexual orientation and thus are sexually attracted only to members of the opposite sex, or

  • By influencing everyone with a homosexual orientatin so that they will choose to become celibate, and not engage in sexual activity at all.

This excerpt was widely copied on politically liberal, religiously liberal, and LGBT web sites. 11

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