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The following is based on a communication from a knowledgeable member of the Unity Church and is not necessarily official policy.

The Unity Church once called themselves Practical Christianity as they wanted to recapture the energy and essence of the first century BCE spiritual communities that followed Jesus' teachings. Although based largely on Biblical teachings, they respect the beliefs of other religions. The thrust of their teachings is to help the individual connect to, communicate with and experience God on a personal level. They recognize that church dogma and group ritual can often restrict the individual's experience; form often replaces true meaning.

They see that the divisive arguments that were once used against minority races, religions and nationalities are now being used against minority sexual orientations; i.e. against homosexuals. They are not concerned about rejecting a particular sexual orientation, but rather ask whether a particular individuals relationship is healthy; does it reflect God's love; does it make the world a better place?

Respecting the growing consensus (and in some jurisdictions, laws) that there should be equality of employment and opportunity for persons of all sexual orientations, they feel that homosexuality should not be an issue in Church membership, employment or ordination. Some Unity clergy perform commitment ceremonies for gay or lesbian couples. The Unity Church has a commitment certificate to recognize this ritual.

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