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2014-FEB to now: News topics that have been
briefly discussed on this web site's home page

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Early in 2014, we started to add short news items in the web site's home page. They are titled "A fresh news item impacting religion," and cover a wide variety of topics. We try to update them weekly, but too often miss our target due to the pressure of other topics that demand coverage, administrative work, and I hope -- at some glorious day in the future -- an actual vacation.

Of the approximately 6,500 essays on this web site, most describe specific topics involving belief and/or activity of one group. The essays that we add to our home page often contain an broader perspective -- an overview of a basic principle behind the news.

We post the essays in that prominent spot so that our visitors can assess whether we meet our mandate's requirement: to cover the full range of opinions on each religious/moral/ ethical/spiritual topic with a minimum of bias. We are an almost unique type of religious web site on the Internet; most sites promote only the views of the webmaster or sponsoring agency.

This section collects these news items together in one location. Sometimes we augment them here, because there is more space available.

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Topics contain in this section:

sad face Most have an element of sadness, because they contain conflict, debate, anger and miniscule or nonexistent amounts of dialogue.

  • 2014-FEB & MAR: The afterlife. Feelings of being oppressed for one's religious beliefs. Attorney Generals' constitutional problems and conflicts.

  • 2014-APR: Natural and man-made disasters. States defining who can marry. The core conflicts over same-sex marriage and abortion access.

We have just started this section, so we expect a LOT more topics to be added here in the future.

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Original posting: 2014-APR-17
Latest update: 2014-APR-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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