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Transgender individuals and transsexuals

Part 2
2014-FEB: Facebook permits members to define
their gender identity: 2 options become 50:

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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Postings on the Facebook diversity page:

The Facebook diversity page accumulated many hundreds of comments. 1 Many of them were requests that the system be expanded quickly beyond the U.S. to include the other countries in the world. Some were suggestions for minor changes. But many comments were attacks on the concept of transgender and transsexual, and responses to those attacks:

  • Krystal Śmierć wrote: ""Interested in" now needs to be fix, it's still only Female/Male."

  • Derek Stephens wrote: "It's too bad that 'bigot' isn't one of the new option for those so adamantly against this change. This change is huge in my book, a step in the right direction. With any change, it's not perfect and takes time to adjust."

  • Katarina Dutton wrote: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made me feel like a real person and I cannot tell you how much that matters."

  • Lex Blue wrote: "So many tiny minds imploding because people aren't forced to select M or F on an online profile anymore."

  • Angie Kiel Hendrix wrote: "Xochitl...I encourage you open your mind & heart to educating yourself on this topic. Your comments are simply incorrect. For thousands of years we thought the earth was flat. We know clearly know it's not. The topic of gender identity is very similar. Plus, until you've walked in someone else's shoes, who are you to judge? The idea that the LGBTQ population is that way due to sexual abuse is SO completely untrue. Again, please seek out information before you spew what you think are facts. And remember, we learn the most from those who are different from us."

  • Sebastian Tulejarz wrote: "That's ridiculous and stupid. By checking any option other than male/female you show the whole world that you are in need of therapy."

  • Kelly Kearns wrote: "Seriously, this is what Facebook is doing? Really? No one makes a big deal that I am a heterosexual female and I don't have to announce it to the world, have a special title or anything. Honestly, I'm so sick of everything being turned into something racial, sexual preference and now gender. The more people do this, the more disconnected people become. My word, we are human beings, male or female and we love and marry whomever we love and marry, simple. I can't stand the fact that in America, we have American and African Americans and now people are starting to add other groups becoming "whatever" American. People don't want division and don't want to be seen as different, yet they INSIST on being LABELED as different and creating divisions. My family heritage on one side is Indian, American Indian, the other side French. We don't use the term Native American and I only say "American Indian" to differentiate between American Indian and India Indian. My family from France does not call themselves French American. We are all human beings, Americans and we don't carry on and on about each person's sexual preference. If someone doesn't want to be made to feel different, then do not DEMAND to be set aside as "different". This is getting beyond stupid and way out of control."

  • Ann Post wrote: "Awesome! Finally breaking out of the gender binary straight jacket!"

  • John Snover wrote: "Wow. This fills me with so much diversity I just want to puke. Get over yourselves."

  • XCarlos PazRamazzini wrote: "Male or female. There are no more genders. You are normal or you need therapy. Simple."

  • Mackenzie Renee DuQuesne wrote: "This is absolutely horrible! Shame on you Facebook."

  • Joseph Remus wrote: There's only 2 genders, male and female, if you think otherwise you know nothing of biology."

  • Kathy Henderson wrote: "God made us male and female...plain and simple. Look it up in the Bible."

  • Saul Gutierrez wrote: "Whats the world coming too. I have lost faith in America for allowing this garbage to happen."

  • Jake Reid wrote: "I'm sorry there's only two genders last time I checked. Wtf is this? Stop supporting delusional behavior."

  • Dave Novak wrote: "Thanks for contributing to the destruction of civilization. Feeling shame for what you have done, or what you have become is inherent in all of us. If you have make things up to describe what you are, you are quite a bit too full of yourselves." 1

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Posting on the "Washington Post" article:

The Washington Post published an article in their website. Some readers responded with their comments:

  • Mull-It-Over wrote: "You people really think this is about doing you a favor? They're aren't doing this because they believe in your cause. They do it because the left is obsessed with keeping people in their proper box. They want to know who you are and what you are all about. They want to know how many of you are out there and to watch you.  
    Good Lord People! Wake Up!"

  • Lola Guin wrote: "If there were 3 options, I don't think it would be news. The fact that there are no less than 56 options is absurd. It's not 'bigotry' to recognize that this is very odd and unnatural. Please, cite an example of ANY species on the planet that has 56 sexes/genders. This has NOTHING to do with freedom. We're not calling for their rights to be violated. We're expressing ourselves too, which is exercising our freedoms. BIG difference. It seems many in the PC crowd want to take our right to free speech away. People can call themselves whatever they want, that's their right. It's also my right to think it's indicative of serious mental illness. Freedom does not mean that we have to agree. It means that we each have our right to voice our opinions and express ourselves."

  • Lola Guin made another posting: "This HAS to be a joke. The inmates are running the asylum. Do they have a category for people who think they are animals? Like the Lizard Man and the late Tiger Man? How about we have three options? Male, female, and mentally ill. There are NOT 56 genders, no matter how much people want to act like their delusions are reality. Where else in nature are there 56 genders for one species? Please, someone explain how this is natural in the slightest."

  • Matthew Dunnyveg wrote: "This story is yet more proof that liberalism began by placing the individual above God and Church--called secular humanism. Then liberalism placed the individual above their society and its morality--called political correctness. Then liberalism placed the individual above reality itself--called postmodernism. In other words, liberalism can't possibly sink any lower; they have made themselves the lowest form of life on the planet." 2

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The gender identity options initially provided by Facebook are:

  • Agender A person without a gender identity.
  • Androgyne and Androgynous: A person who may possess traits that are simultaneously feminine and masculine, or neither.
  • Bigender A person who feels that their gender is both fully male and fully female, or any pair of genders. They often switch between the two.
  • Cis, Cisgender, Cissexual. Cis Female, Cis Male. Cis Man, Cis Woman, Cisgender Female, Cisgender Male, Cisgender Man, Cisgender Woman: A person whose gender identity matches the gender they were assigned at birth.
  • Female to Male, FTM: A person who has transitioned or is transitioning from male to female.
  • Gender Fluid: A person whose gender identity freely moves between/among genders.
  • Gender Nonconforming, Gender Variant: A person whose behavior or gender expression does not conform to traditional male/female gender norms.
  • Gender Questioning: A person who has not settled on a gender identity.
  • Genderqueer: A person whose gender identity is other than man or woman.
  • Intersex: A person born with sexual anatomy, reproductive organs, and/or chromosome patterns that do not fit the typical definition of male or female
  • Male to Female: MTF: A person who has transitioned or is transitioning from female to male
  • MTF ('male-to-female')
  • Neither: A person who identifies themselves as neither male nor female.
  • Neutrois, Null-gendered: A person who does not identify themselves as having a gender.
  • Non-binary: A person who identifies their gender identity as different from male and female. They may feel that they are both, neither, or a mixture of male and female.
  • Other: A catch-all term
  • Pangender: See Androgyne.
  • Transgender, Trans, Trans Female, Trans Woman, Transgender Female, Trans Male, Transgender Male, Trans Man, Trans Person, Transgender Person: A person who identifies their gender as different from that of their body or who were assigned a gender that does not match their gender identity.
  • Transsexual, Transsexual Female, Trams Woman. Transsexual Male, Transsexual Man, Transsexual Woman, Transsexual Person : Often used as a synonym for Transgender. Sometimes refers only to transgender persons who live daily according to their gender identity.
  • Transmasculine: A person who was assigned a female identity at birth but who now identifies more male than female.
  • Two-spirit: A term used by Indigenous North Americans who fulfill one of many mixed gender roles found traditionally among many Native Americans and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups. 3

The option to not declare a gender is still available. They will also be able to ask to be referred to as he/him, she/her, or they/their. Facebook expects to expand the options to the rest of the world later.

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More information is expected on this topic in the future
as Facebook's diversity policy becomes better known.

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Diversity Page, Facebook, at:
  2. Caitland Dewey, "Facebook will now allow users to identify as trans, bi, androgynous — or any other gender they want," Washington Post, 2014-FEB-13, at:
  3. MODIFIED FROM: "Male, female or 48 other varieties? Now Facebook offers users FIFTY different genders to choose from," Daily Mail, 2014-FEB-13, at:

Copyright © 2014 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Original posting: 2014-FEB-14 - Valentine's Day
Latest update: 2014-FEB-14
Author: B.A. Robinson

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