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Same-sex marriages and civil unions


In Connecticut

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Back in 2005, American same-sex couples could get married in Massachusetts, enter into a civil union in Vermont or register as a domestic partnership in California. They could also marry in most of the jurisdictions in Canada. None of the U.S. options give them the over 1,000 federal benefits and obligations that the federal DOMA law reserves as special privileges for married opposite-sex couples. However American same-sex couples can receive all or almost all of the state benefits in the above states.

The Connecticut House and Senate passed a bill to create a system of civil unions which is similar to the Vermont and California legislation. It was signed into law by the governor on 2005-APR-20. The law took effect on 2005-OCT-01.

Eight same-sex couples challenged the civil union law in court, claiming that it violates their constitutional rights to equal treatment and denies them the financial, social and emotional benefits that opposite-sex couples automatically receive from marriage.

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled on 2008-OCT-10 that the state's provision for civil unions did not give same-sex couples rights equal to opposite-sex married couples. Since the state constitution requires all citizens to be given equal protection under law, the majority of judges voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. All loving, committed couples in Connecticut have been able to obtain marriage licenses since 2008-OCT-28.

On 2009-APR-23, the Connecticut legislature passed a bill making the state marriage laws gender-neutral. Governor M. Jodi Rell (R) quickly signed it into law. Existing civil unions will be automatically converted to marriages on 2010-OCT-01. 

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction: Time line. Poll. Civil union bill passes Senate. Bill introduced to House

bullet Bill becomes law: Bill passed. Reactions to bill. Governor signs civil union bill

bullet Poll and lawsuit seeking full marriage rights and protection

bullet 2008- OCT: State Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage (SSM)

bullet 2009-APR: SSM law is passed by legislature and signed into law

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First posted: 2005-APR-06
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Author: B.A. Robinson

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