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2013-NOV: Same-sex marriages (SSM) & civil unions in Illinois.

Was God and/or Satan involved in passing
the SSM law? Earthquake & tornados in Illinois.

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This topic is continued from a previous essay.

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About supernatural intervention in the battle for marriage equality in Illinois:

This section of our web site dealing with civil unions and same-sex marriages in Illinois contains over 30 other essays that describe events during the multiple year effort to achieve marriage equality in Illinois. It is described throughout these essays as a battle between two main groups:

  • Most social and religious conservatives believe that marriage should be limited to one woman and one man. This belief is often grounded in their interpretation of about ten key passages in the Bible which they believe shows that God intended marriage to be restricted to opposite-sex couples and that God condemns all same-gender sexual behavior whether by persons with a heterosexual or homosexual orientation. (Bisexual orientation is not prominently mentioned in the Bible.)

  • Most social and religious liberals/progressive and secularists believe that any two persons in a loving, committed relationship should be able to marry, whether they are of the same or opposite genders. The only restrictions should be that they are both old enough and not too closely related genetically. This belief is often grounded in their interpretation of the same key passages in the Bible, and in the U.S. Constitution's requirement for equal treatment of all Americans.

However that might not be the whole story! Some people see intervention(s) by supernatural beings -- God and/or Satan -- in the SSM conflict.

  • Some have speculated that two events in Illinois -- a minor earthquake and a series of tornados that caused six fatalities -- may have been sent by God as a warning against the Legislature legalizing same-sex marriage. The events were:
    • On 2013-NOV-04 at 12:35:34 hrs., a magnitude 3.2 minor earthquake shook suburbs to the West of Chicago, IL. It was felt in Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Des Plaines and Willowsprings, IL. More details below.

    • On 2013-NOV-17, a freak violent late-autumn storm system with numerous tornados left a trail of death and destruction across the U.S. mid-west. Six people died in Illinois. This happened on a Sunday -- often referred to as the Lord's Day. It occurred 12 days after the Legislature passed the same-sex marriage bill, and three days before Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed the bill into law. More details below.

  • On 2013-NOV-20, at the same time that Governor Quinn was signing the SSM bill into law, Thomas Paprocki, the Roman Catholic bishop of Springfield, IL was conducting an exorcism. He believed that the ritual would eliminate or reduce the negative effects that Satan was having on marriage in the state.

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2013-NOV-04: Earthquake shakes suburbs of Chicago. A message from God?:

At 12:35:33 hrs. CST, an earthquake shook suburbs to the West of Chicago, IL. It was felt in Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Des Plaines and Willowsprings, IL. It was a magnitude 3.2 quake on the open-ended Richter scale. NBC Chicago reports that:

"Earthquakes between 2.5 magnitude and 3.0 are typically some of the smallest felt by humans."1

About seven seconds before the earthquake, there was a quarry blast in Countryside, IL. at exactly or very close to the epicenter of the earthquake. The Hanson Material Service quarry issued a statement saying it had been performing a:

"...routine blasting operation ... [when about seven seconds after the blast] a separate seismic event was recorded. We are reviewing the seismic readings in order to get a better understanding of what may have occurred. At this time, we have no reason to believe that there is a connection between our routine blast and this seismic event." 1

The U.S. Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program reported that:

"This earthquake occurred within seconds after a routine explosion at a quarry;  the location determined with seismographic data is not significantly different from the location of the quarry.  The event was initially interpreted by the USGS National Earthquake Information Center as the seismic signature of the quarry blast.   Following consultation with additional seismological experts, quarry operators and technical consultants, and on the basis of examination of records obtained at the quarry, the USGS National Earthquake Information Center has concluded that the quarry blast itself was too small to account for the signals recorded by the regional seismographic network. The regionally recorded seismic event that was felt in the Chicago area corresponds to a release of tectonic strain at shallow depth, at or very near to the quarry, that happened about seven seconds after the quarry blast." 2

Many people, noting that the earthquake epicenter and blasting operation were within seconds of each other and at essentially the same location, would assume a cause and effect relationship between the two. After all, many decades or centuries may have passed since the last earthquake occurred in the vicinity of the quarry. This earthquake happened within seconds of a quarry blast. However others note that one day after the blast/earthquake, the Illinois House and Senate passed a bill legalizing SSM. They suspect that the earthquake was a message from God condemning marriage equality.

A series of messages on the topic of "Illinois Earth Quakes" were posted to

  • On 2013-FEB-10, ZionsCRY wrote:

    "EARTHQUAKES are one harbinger warning GOD sends, to indicate His righteous wrath is being stirred - REPENT!"

  • On 2013-NOV-06, CJ, the Site Administrator, wrote in the forum:

    "3.7 Magnitude Quake Rattles Chicago Suburbs: NOVEMBER 4, 2013 - The shaking was felt in Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Des Plaines and Willowsprings at about 12:40 p.m. One man said it was - like thunder in the ground.

    "Illinois Lawmakers Vote against GOD" Nov. 6, 2013  Illinois lawmakers decided to become the largest state in the heartland to allow Sodom-marriage, with the praise of Barack Husatan [sic] Obama. Starting in June this filthy damned SIN may wed, but will still bring God's curse on Illinois.

    14 states plus Washington D.C., allow Sodom-marriage SIN.

    A Godly Marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman. A group of Chicago-area pastors vowed to line up against some evil lawmakers who voted yes. As a note, Illinois had a small earthquake this week near Chicago. 3

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2013-NOV-17: Tornados cause many deaths in Illinois. A message from God?

On Sunday, a day often referred to as the Lord's Day, dozens of storms and intense tornados moved across the midwest killing at least 8 people -- 6 of them in Illinois.

The Catholic Church's New Testament reading for that Sunday came from the Gospel of Luke:

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be powerful earthquakes, famines, and plagues from place to place; and awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky." 4

I think that most people would agree that an approaching tornado is an awesome sight in the sky!

The tornados arrived 12 days after the Illinois House and Senate approved a same-sex marriage bill, and three days before Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed the bill into law.

The inevitable reaction appeared: "Anonymous Coward" posted a message to a conspiracy forum at Godlike Productions suggesting that God was very angry at the approval of same-sex marriage by the Illinois Legislature and the planned signing of the bill into law on NOV-20. Coward suggested that God caused the tornadoes to rip across the midwest toward Illinois as a warning. The posting said:

"Does anybody realize this? Illinois just passed gay marriage and now is getting pounded by tornados. Just another weather disaster after doing something God disapproves of.

Flame away people. I can take it. I'm going to be praying a lot tonight. ... I don't recall bad tornados ever coming in November. The timing and destructive nature of this tornado ... I'm pretty convinced this one is act of God." 5

"Coward's" remark was not well received by the other forum members.

America Needs Fatima (ANF) weighed in on the same topic. ANF is a campaign of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). On NOV-18, Robert Ritchie, the Executive Director of ANF placed an entry on the ANF blog:

  • Question:

    "Do you think the massive Illinois tornadoes are linked to the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill?"

  • Ritchie's answer:

    "The massive tornadoes that hit Illinois after the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill, has stimulated many people to reflection. In it, some see  God’s chastisement; others see it as yet one more merciful warning from Providence; others yet deny both options and give various reasons.

    What do you think?

    For an in depth look at this issue debated in general terms please see:" 6

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This topic continues in the next essay

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "West Suburban Tremors Related to Quarry Blast: USGS," NBC Chicago, 2013-NOV-05, at:
  2. "M3.2 - 1km NW of Summit, Illinois," USGS Earthquake Hazards Center, at:
  3. "EARTH, Quakes, Weather," topic at, 2013-FEB-10 to NOV-06, at:
  4. "Illinois Tornado, Wednesday's Planned Same-Sex Marriage Bill, and Today's Mass Reading," Unam Ecclesiam, 2013-NOV-17, at:
  5. "Illinois Legalizes Gay Marriages; Tornados Touch Down in Illinois. GOD IS PISSED!," Godlike Productions, 2013-NOV, at:
  6. "The America Needs Fatima Blog," 2013-NOV-18, at:

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Copyright © 2013 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2013-NOV-25
Latest update: 2013-NOV-27
Author: B.A. Robinson
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