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Same-sex marriages (SSM) in Indiana.


Activity in Indiana involving civil unions,
same-sex marriage, and LGBT equality,
from 2011 to the present time.

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Background of same-sex marriage in the United States as of 2014-APR-15:

The first state to legalize same-sex marriage was Massachusetts in 2004. As of 2014-APR, loving, committed same-sex couples can marry in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Federal District Courts in six more states -- Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Virginia -- have issued rulings legalizing same-sex marriage. However, no couples can marry there because the rulings have all been stayed pending appeals to various U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal.

There are more than 60 lawsuits active in U.S. District Courts that are attempting to legalize same-sex marriage within their state, or require their state to recognize same-sex marriages solemnized in other states, or both.

But perhaps the most important measurement of all is the level of support for same-sex marriage among the public. This currently rests at about 55% and has been increasing between 1 and 2 percentage points per year over the past decade.

Some commentators from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual (LGBT) community have predicted that when:

  • National polls show that support for marriage equality exceeds 60%, and

  • Most states have legalized SSM, and

  • Most Americans live in states where SSM is available, then

the U.S. Supreme Court will decide to legalize SSM in all states as it did for interracial marriages back in 1967.

That may still come to pass, perhaps in mid-2016.

However, an unexpected event happened on 2014-OCT-06. The U.S. Supreme Court decided to not accept the appeals of lawsuits from three U.S. Circuit Courts. One of these was the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which had ruled the Indiana ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional. The other two Circuit Courts had ruled SSM bans unconstitutional in four other states (OK, UT, VA, WI) Because of the Supreme Court's decision, these Circuit Court decisions became final, and same-sex marriage came to five states (IN, OK, UT, VA, WI) within a day or two. After a little while, it came also to six other states served by the three Circuit Courts.

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Topic discussed in this section:

  • Part 1: Indiana's proposed constitutional amendment to ban SSMs, civil unions & domestic partnerships: Background. Legislative activity. Recent polls.

  • Part 2: Indiana's proposed constitutional amendment to ban SSMs, civil unions & domestic partnerships: Recent polls (Cont'd). House committee hearing. 4 couples file lawsuit seeking marriage equality.

  • Part 3: One couple have their marriage recognized, but only on a spouse's death certificate. Five SSM-related Indiana lawsuits consolidated.

  • Part 4: 2014-APR/JUN: Five SSM lawsuits consolidated. District Court issues ruling, SSMs legalized, briefly.

  • Part 5: 2014-JUN/AUG: Case: Baskin v. Bogan. SSMs legalized. District Court ruling stayed by Court of Appeals. Court of Appeals hears case.

  • Part 6: 2014-AUG: Court of Appeals holds hearing (Cont'd).

  • Part 7: 2014-AUG/SEP: Three judge Court of Appeals panel unanimously upholds marriage equality.

  • Part 8: 2014-SEP/OCT: The ruling (Cont'd). Polls. Reactions.

  • Part 9: The path forward. Surprise development: Supreme Court legalizes marriage for same-sex couples in Indiana and shortly afterwards in 10 other states. A pro-discrimination rally sponsored by a pastors group.

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Initially posted: 2014-APR-15
Latest update: 2015-JAN-09
Author: B.A. Robinson
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