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Same-sex marriage

How kids react to same-sex marriage proposals

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We feel that this video is so important that we are giving it its own page:

This is a 16 minute video titled: "Kids React to Gay Marriage." It is one of many videos in a "Kids React" series by Benny and Rafi Fine.

It starts with a well known marriage proposal. It took place in a Home Depot and involved a flash mob, and one man proposing marriage to another man. Later it shows another proposal involving a woman standing on the top of a bus proposing to another woman. The video shows individual reactions by a group of children aged 5 to 13.

It was posted on You Tube on 2013-NOV-03. By NOV-13, it had accumulated 8,055,593 views, generated 9,267 comments, has been shared by 12,771 people, and received 145,738 thumbs up and 12,415 thumbs down.

The video does suffer from one major deficiency: its creators did not reveal the selection process that they used to choose the children.

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