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Homosexuality and bisexuality


Laws protecting, oppressing,
persecuting, and (even once)
executing LGBT persons

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"LGBT" is an acronym referring to lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender persons, and transsexuals.

Topics covered in this section are:

bulletThe U.S. situation:
bullet Map of U.S. state laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression
bullet U.S. laws that once criminalized consensual, same-sex behavior
bullet Gay liberation and the drive for equal rights
bullet Should GLBTs be considered a protected class in law?
bullet California  bills & laws about sexual orientation & gender identity
bullet Exclusion of gays and lesbians from the U.S. military (Don't ask, don't tell policy) 

bullet Ending discrimination in hospital visitation

bullet 2018: U.S. Supreme Court considers accepting cases about discrimination against LGBT employees


star 2019-MAR: Federal LGBT Equality Act

bulletThe Canadian situation:
bullet 1965 to 1999

bullet 2000 to 2017
bullet 2017-JUN: Evangelical Christians vs. Child Protection Law in Ontario Canada.
bulletThe rest of the world:
bullet Laws in other countries that oppress or protect LGBT persons
bullet International declarations on the rights of sexual minorities

bullet 2011-DEC Memo from President Obama re global LGBT rights strategy

bullet 2011-DEC Speech by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the worldwide human rights of LGBT persons.

bullet 2019-MAY: Keyna retains laws decriminalizing same-sex sexual activity
bullet 2019-JUN: Botswana decriminalixzes same-sex sexual activity
bullet 2019-JUN: Ecuador legalizes same-sex marriage
bullet 2019-DEC: Gabon criminalizes homosexual behavior


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