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Humanism (a.k.a. Secular Humanism)

Humanist news feed; books for children and
teens; organizations; periodicals; related essays.

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Other stuff:


Read a news feed of current topics, maintained by American Atheists


See additional books for children and teens

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Humanist resources on the Internet:

Many Humanists contribute to the Atheist, freethinker and secular WWW sites. Some uniquely Humanist resources are listed below:

Humanist Organizations:

bulletThe American Humanist Association has a home page at: It includes FAQ, a list of Presidents of the AHA, essays, songs, and a selection of procedures for special life occasions, such as child dedication, weddings, and funerals.

bulletHumanist Association of Canada has a home page at:  It includes a description of Humanism, news, board structure, services, history, etc.

bullet Council's logo The Council for Secular Humanism is another large group dedicated to humanism. See:

bulletThe Council issued "A Secular Humanist Delaration" in 1980. See:

bullet The British Humanist Association has a home page at: They "... work on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical lives on the basis of reason and humanity. ... [They] promote Humanism, a secular state, and equal treatment of everyone regardless of religion or belief."

bullet Humanists "presents Humanism for agnostics, atheists and enquirers. There is information about the Humanist ethical tradition, news, answers to questions, and jokes. See:

bullet The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association is a British group that "...promotes a rational humanist approach to homosexuality and to lesbian, gay and bisexual rights as human rights." See:

bullet IHEU symbol The "International Humanist and Ethical Union" (IHEU) "is the sole global umbrella organisation embracing Humanist, atheist, rationalist, secularist, skeptic, laique, ethical cultural, freethought and similar organisations worldwide." They have a home page at:

bulletThe Institute for Humanist Studies is at: They have information, news, a podcast, a grant program, etc. provides free web hosting to dozens of Humanist and related site. See:

bullet The Continuum of Humanist Education (COHE) provides interactive courses in Humanist thought on the web. Their motto is "Sapere aude." ("Dare to be Wise") Prices range from free to US $25.00. See:

bullet The "Movimiento Humanista Evolucionario Cubano: (Cuban Evolutionary Humanist Movement) has prepared a short essay titled "HUMANISM: Why, What, and What For, In 882 Words" It gives a very concise overview of Humanism. See:

bullet The Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC) in Seattle has ordained over 20 million ministers worldwide. Their article: "Humanists Can Perform a Wedding, Too" describes how Humanists can become an ordained clergyperson through their group and become licensed through their state to officiate at weddings. See:

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Humanist Periodicals:

bulletThe Humanist Magazine is published by the American Humanist Association. See:

bullet Council's logo Free Inquiry: a publication of the Council for Secular Humanism, at:

bullet Humanist Perspectives (formerly Humanist in Canada): a quarterly publication of the Humanist Association of Canada. See:

bullet The New Humanist is a quarterly British publication by the Rationalist Association. See:

Skeptic periodicals of particular interest to Humanists:

bullet Skeptical Inquirer Magazine: a bimonthly publication of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. See:

bulletSkeptic Magazine: a publication of The Skeptic Society. See:

Individuals' websites and essays:

bullet "The Humanist Lens," examines humanism, religion and the roots of Western culture. See:

bullet Connie W. Adams has written an attack on Humanism from a conservative Christian perspective. See "What is Humanism?," at:

See also our list of Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist and other websites.

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Related essays on this website:

bulletHumanistic Judaism

bulletUnitarian Universalism A large percentage of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) are Humanists.

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Originally written: 1996-SEP-2
Latest update: 2014-DEC-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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