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Interfaith marriage resources:

Part 1: Books about interfaith marriages
which involve an evangelical Christian,
Orthodox Christian, or Jewish spouse.

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Books discussing interfaith marriage:'s web site will facilitate your safe ordering of books on any topic. By clicking on the links below, you can read reviews of each book by specialists in the topic and also by customers of Amazon. Their web site often shows sample pages from the book as well. If you are interested in ordering an ebook, you can generally download the first part of a book for free.


Interfaith marriages involving an evangelical spouse or other conservative Protestant:

Their main interest is often not to harmonize their religious differences or to coexist as a couple with different religious beliefs, but to convert the non-Christian to Christianity. This is a logical development for any religion that believes in the existence of Hell and has very specific beliefs about who will be sent there for all eternity.

bullet book cover Dineen Miller & lynn Dovovan, "Winning Him Without Words: 10 Keys to Thriving in Your Spiritually Mismatched Marriage," Regal. (2011). "... authors reveal their own struggles and difficulties as wives caught up in spiritually mismatched marriages. Winning Him Without Words is a must-read for hurting wives as they prayerfully seek change in their husbands and meaningful transformation in their marriages." Review by Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie. Review/order this book safely from the bookstore

bullet book cover Lee & Leslie Strobel, "Surviving a spiritual mismatch in marriage," Zondervan, (2002). This chronicles the Strobel marriage in which Leslie is a conservative Christian, and Lee was originally a skeptic who later became born-again Christian. Review/order this book

bulletInterfaith marriages involving an Eastern Orthodox spouse:

bullet book cover Fr. Charles Joanides, "When you intermarry: A Resource for Inter-Christian, Intercultural Couples, Parents and Families," Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, (2002). This book is aimed at clergy, counselors, inter-faith couples and their families of origin. Review/order this book

bullet book cover Fr. Charles Joanides, "Ministering to Intermarried Couples: A Resource for Clergy and Lay Workers," Holy Cross Orthodox Press, (2003). Review/order this book

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bulletInterfaith marriages involving a Jewish spouse: There are many books on interfaith marriages in which one spouse is Jewish -- perhaps because about 50% of all marriages in the U.S. involving a Jewish partner are interfaith:

bullet book cover Harriet Goldner, "Two Grandmothers to Love," a picture book describes the differing lives of two grandmothers -- one Christian, the other Jewish. Appropriate for children ages 2 to 6. See


book cover Jane Kaplan, "Interfaith Families: Personal Stories of Jewish-Christian Intermarriage," Seabury Books, (2005) Review/order this book. An Amazon review: "Couples in Jewish-Christian marriages describe their experiences and reveal intimate details of their lives as members of these unique families." Eight Amazon customers gave it a 4.8 star rating -- almost the highest value possible.


book cover James Keen, "Inside Intermarriage: A Christian Partner's Perspective on Raising a Jewish Family," URJ Press, (2006) Review/order this book. An Amazon customer commented: "... a one-of-a-kind testimony about the unique dynamics of interfaith love, matrimony, and child-rearing." Amazon customers gave it a 5 star rating -- the highest value possible.

bullet book cover D.A. Lerner, "Celebrating interfaith marriages: Creating your Jewish/Christian ceremony," Owl, (1999) Review/order this book The author has a description of her book at: This book is very highly regarded by reviewers, who gave the book a 4.5 star rating.

bullet book cover Kerry M. Olitzky & Joan Peterson Littman "Making a Successful Jewish Interfaith Marriage: The Jewish Outreach Institute Guide to Opportunities, Challenges and Resources," Jewish Lights, (2002) Review/order this book Quote: "Do not see a million people who have married out; instead, we see the potential of a million married people who have chosen to marry into the Jewish community."


book cover Steven C. Reuben, "A Nonjudgmental Guide to Interfaith Marriage: Making Interfaith Marriage Work," XLibris, (2002) Review/order this book. This book is very highly regarded by reviewers, who gave the book a 4.5 star rating.


book cover Cokie Roberts & Steven V. Roberts, "Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families," Harper (2011). The book was written by an interfaith couple who chose to honor both of their faiths and traditions by hosting a Passover Seder that has evolved from a small family gathering to a veritable event celebrated with loved ones from all walks of life. Review/order this book

bullet book cover David J. Rudolph, "Growing Your Olive Tree Marriage: A Guide for Couples from Two Traditions," Messianic Jewish Publishers, (2003). Review/order this book

bullet book cover Donna E. Schaper, "Raising Interfaith Children," Crossroad, (1999). A Christian mother and Jewish father decide to raise their three children simultaneously in both faiths. Review/order this book

bullet book cover Jennifer A Thompson, "Jewish on Their Own Terms: How Intermarried Couples are Changing American Judaism," Rutgers University Press (2013). Review/order this book


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Originally published: 1999-MAR-16
Updated: 2014-DEC-08

Author: B.A. Robinson
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