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Intersexuality/DSD In North America & Europe

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This essay was originally written at a time when the term "intersexual" was in wide use.
It is now being replaced by the term "Disorder of Sexual Development" or "DSD," at least
within the medical community.

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Support groups of and for intersexual persons:

  • The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) had as its mission a devotion "... to systemic change to end shame, secrecy and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with an anatomy that someone decided is not standard for male or female." It was founded in 1993. Early in the 21st century its leaders felt that they had accomplished their goals, and closed the office in mid-2008. Its web site has not been updated since that time, but remains accessible on the Internet as a historical artifact. See: It continues to be included in the Google Search Engine as a main resource on the topic even though it has not been updated since 2008.

  • OII-USA is the U.S. affiliate of the Organization Intersex International. Their group:

    "... resists all efforts to make intersex invisible, including genital mutilation, medicalization and normalization without consent and offers another face to intersex lives and experience by highlighting the richness and diversity of intersex identities and culture."

See: Other affiliates are in Quebec, and in the rest of Canada.

  • The UK Intersex Association "... is an education, advocacy, campaigning and support organization which works on behalf of intersexed people." See:

  • ISNA's founder, Cheryl Chase, founded Accord Alliance during 2008:

    "... to promote comprehensive and integrated approaches to care that enhance the health and well-being of people and families affected by intersex (disorders of sex development), by promoting collaboration and shared decision-making between patients, families, clinicians, and researchers interested in improving care and health outcomes." 1

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Internet blogs:

Many other blogs can be found by Googling   intersexual blog   Most are relatively inactive.

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  • Gerald N. Callahan, "Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes," Chicago Review Press, (2009). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store It is available in ebook form for Kindle readers.

  • Alice Dreger:
  • Don Floyd has written a book on an intersexual person who lived in Jonestown in the 17th Century. It is titled: "The Captain and Thomasine." See:

  • Morgan Holmes, "Intersex: A perilous difference," Susquehanna University Press, (2008). Read reviews or order this book

  • Julie Greenberg, "Intersexuality and the Law: Why sex matters," NYU Press, Hardcover (2012). It is also available in ebook form for Kindle readers. Read reviews or order this book

  • Katrina Karkazis, "Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience." Duke University Press Books, (2008). It is available in hardcopy, paperback and Kindle formats. Read reviews or order this book

  • Sharon E. Preves, "Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self," Rutgers University Press. (2003). Read reviews or order this book

  • Sharon E. Sytsma, "Ethics and Intersex," is partly downloadable from Google Books at:

  • Portions of other books on intersexuality is available from Google Books. See:

  • More books at

    The following books are the result of a search for intersex books on the web site. If you see a generic ad, please click on your browser's refresh button:

References used:

The following information source was used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlink is not necessarily still active today.

  1. "Intersex Society of North America," Wikipedia, as on 2012-DEC-02, at:

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Copyright 1998 to 2016 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally published: 1998-MAR-16

Last updated on 2016-SEP-26
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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