2018-APR to NOV:
Transgender Persons in Military:

Medical groups criticize the ban.
New Hampshire passes law protecting
transgender individuals.
CNN celebrates Father's Day.
Billboard battle in California.

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Part 10

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2018-APR-04: Various national medical groups criticize the transgender ban:

Dr. James L. Madera, CEO of the American Medical Association (AMA) sent a letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis, stating:

"We believe there is no medically valid reason — including a diagnosis of gender dysphoria — to exclude transgender individuals from military service. Transgender individuals have served, and continue to serve, our country with honor, and we believe they should be allowed to continue doing so." 1

Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, of the American Psychological Association, which has a membership of over 115,000 professionals, sent a letter stating:

"The American Psychological Association is alarmed by the administration’s misuse of psychological science to stigmatize transgender Americans and justify limiting their ability to serve in uniform and access medically necessary health care.

Substantial psychological research shows that gender dysphoria is a treatable condition, and does not, by itself, limit the ability of individuals to function well and excel in their work, including in military service. The science is clear that individuals who are adequately treated for gender dysphoria should not be considered mentally unstable. Additionally, the incidence of gender dysphoria is extremely low.

No scientific evidence has shown that allowing transgender people to serve in the armed forces has an adverse impact on readiness or unit cohesion. What research does show is that discrimination and stigma undermine morale and readiness by creating a significant source of stress for sexual minorities that can harm their health and well-being.

APA’s governing Council of Representatives adopted a resolution in 2008 supporting full equality for transgender and gender-variant people and calling for legal and social recognition of transgender individuals. ..." 2

Back in mid-2017, President-Elect Altha Stewart, M.D. announced the opposition of the American Psychiatric Association, to the banning of transgender persons from the military. The announcement read, in part:

"The APA stands firmly against discrimination against anyone. ... Banning transgender service members from serving our country harms not just those transgender Americans who have dedicated themselves to service of others, but it unfairly casts a pall over all transgender Americans. Discrimination has a negative impact on the mental health of those targeted.”

The APA in 2012 passed a policy statement that opposed discrimination against transgender people and called for their civil rights to be protected. Transgender people do not have a mental disorder; thus, they suffer no impairment whatsoever in their judgment or ability to work.

'Our stand in support of transgender military members is rooted in our policies against discrimination in all forms,' said APA CEO and Medical Director Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A.'We firmly believe the world should be more inclusive. We are encouraged by Joints Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford’s statement that there are no modifications to the current policy and we call upon Defense Secretary Mattis to allow transgender service members to continue to serve in the military." 3

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2018-MAY/JUN: New Hampshire protects transgender persons in the state with an anti-discrimination law:

During 2018-MAR, the New Hampshire's House of Representatives passed bill HB 1319 with a strong bipartisan vote. It would prohibit discrimination against transgender persons in employment, housing, and places of public accommodation. 10 National Field Director Marty Rouse of the Human Rights Commission said:

"We thank the lawmakers who voted today to move New Hampshire one step closer toward passing these crucially important protections into law. No person should be fired, evicted, or denied service just because of who they are, and it is far beyond time that the Granite State’s non-discrimination protections include transgender people. We call on the New Hampshire Senate to swiftly pass this bill and send it to Governor Sununu’s desk for his signature."

Linds Jakows, the Campaign Manager of Freedom New Hampshire -- the agency which promoted the bill -- said:

"Today’s bipartisan vote demonstrates that New Hampshire is ready to truly become the Live Free or Die State. The House of Representatives just voted to move New Hampshire forward by updating our state’s laws to protect transgender people from discrimination. Granite Staters from all walks of life have gotten the opportunity to meet their transgender neighbors and have come to understand that HB 1319 is about making sure that everyone has the opportunity to truly live free. We are so grateful to the bipartisan coalition of New Hampshire House members who voted to champion opportunity for all, and we urge the Senate to send HB 1319 to Governor Sununu’s desk."

On MAY-02, the New Hampshire Senate passed the bill by a bipartisan vote of 14 to 10. Linds Jakows said:

"Today, New Hampshire lawmakers showed tremendous leadership in support of the transgender community and their loved ones. "This law will go a long way to affirm the dignity of transgender people and allow them to truly live free. I want to especially thank my fellow transgender Granite Staters for their bravery and courage over the last few years. This victory would not have been possible without the voices of transgender people who have been telling their stories and educating lawmakers about the urgent need to make sure all Granite Staters are fully protected under the law. In a national landscape where transgender people are too often attacked for who they are, New Hampshire is a shining example for other states across the country. We look forward to the day Governor Sununu seals New Hampshire’s motto of Live Free or Die with his signature.

On JUN-18, Governor Chris Sununu (R) signed the bill Into law. He issued a statement, saying:

"Discrimination -- in any form -- is unacceptable and runs contrary to New Hampshire's Live Free or Die Spirit. If we really want to be the Live Free or Die State, we must ensure that New Hampshire is a place where every person, regardless of their background, has an equal and full opportunity to pursue their dreams and to make a better life for themselves and their families. This bill will ensure equal rights, equal opportunity, and nondiscrimination protections in the areas of housing and employment. ..." 11

New Hampshire became the 19th U.S. state, and the final New England state, to provide comprehensive non-discrimination protections to the full range of LGBTQ individuals.

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2018-JUN-15: CNN features a FTM transgender person for Father's Day:

Sabastion Sparks, a transgender man who was identified as female at birth, is married to Angel Sparks, a transgender woman who was identified as male at birth. Both temporarily suspended their hormone treatments in order that Sabastion could get pregnant. He later gave birth to their son, Jaxen. A CNN tweet featured Sabastion in their Father's Day article with the sub-title: "He gave birth. He breastfed, Now he wasts his son to see him as a man."

Some conservatives responded negatively:

  • Ben Shapiro tweeted: “And I want my son to see me as a flying superhero who is faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. But that’s bulls**** too, so he won’t."

  • Matt Walsh tweeted: “This is the literal definition of fake news. Just do me a favor and never, ever lecture about science if you think 'he gave birth' is a sentence that makes sense."

  • Jesse Kelly, writing for the Federalist said: "All Democrats have to do is not be insane. And they can’t do it."

The core problem causing the conservative-liberal/medical conflict over transgender persons is that a man's gender can be defined in three ways:

  • by the appearance of their genital "parts;"

  • by internal brain structures which typically come in male or female sizes and neuron densities, and

  • by the presence of a Y sex chromosome in their DNA.

This works well for over 99% of humans because all three indicators are in harmony. However, transsexuals like Sebastion typically have female genital parts, XX (female) sex chromosomes in their DNA, and male internal brain structures that cause his fixed belief that he is a male. So, he became pregnant, delivered and breastfed a child, identifies himself as male, and wants his son to treat him as a man. Since many conservatives consider that a person's genital parts completely define their sex (except for intersexual persons whose, DNA can be tested to confirm their sex) they consider Sebastion to be a female. Sebastion himself and most liberals consider him to be male.

There is no obvious method to resolve this conflict, unless conservatives adopt the scientific/medical concepts of gender. Since there is no noticable dialog on this matter at the present time, tthis change may take a few decades. In the meantime, the high (over 40%) attempted suicide rate of transgender persons, which is partly caused by a lack of acceptance of transgender persons, will probably remain very high for a long time. Pity.

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2018-NOV: Battle of the billboards in California:

A billboard outside of Joshua Tree, CA, before the midterm elections, read:

"Ask Paul Cook why he voted to allow our military funds to be used for sex-change surgeries!"

"Paid for by Tim Donnelly for Congress"

Rep. Paul Cook (R-Yucca Valley) has been a U.S. Representative for the 8th congressional district in Eastern California since 2013. During 2017, he voted against an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have banned payment by the military of health care costs related to gender transitions by transgender persons.

The midterm elections in 2018 pitted Cook and Donnelly -- two Republicans -- against each other. It was the only race with two Republicans on the ticket.

Timothy Michael Donnelly (R) was a member of the California State Assembly, representing the 59th and 33rd districts.

Some residents in San Bernardino County, CA, were offended by Donnelly's billboard, and decided to finance one of their own. It said:


The group said:

"The way we see it, Donnelly’s billboard was an act of hate, targeting our transgender neighbors. ... Our focus is making sure that our trans neighbors know that they are supported, appreciated, and celebrated in our community. ... Our billboard is an act of love."

Cook won the election with 41% of the vote; Donnelly lost with 23%. 4

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Previous articles in this series on transgender persons in the U.S. military:

Part 1: 2011/2012: Overview. Support. Current military policies. Care for veterans.

Part 2: 2016: Previous ends to discrimination by the military. Pentagon announces an end to discrimination against transgender members. Negative reactions.

Part 3: 2016: More negative reactions to the ending of discrimination. Positive reactions.

Part 4: 2016: President Trump's ban on transgender persons in the military.

Part 5: 2017: Trump bans transgender military service members via tweets. Federal court blocks the move.

Part 6: 2017-JUL/AUG: Impact on Trump's Ban of Transgender Military Service members. Public opinion polls. Court cases.

Part 7: 2017-AUG: Trump's restores Ban of Military Transgender Persons. Lawsuits filed. Gen. Mattis responds. Extra Cost of Transgender Members.

Part 8: 2017-OCT to DEC: Two Court injuctions against Pres. Trump's Transgender ban. Enlistees able to apply, in theory.

Part 9: 2018-JAN/MAR: Transgender Persons in Military: Transgender Enlistees Apply. Pres. Trump Modifies Transgender ban.

Part 11: Anti-Trump Light Show. Trump loses at District Court level, asks to bypass Courts of Appeal and go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court. High Court activates ban.

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A helpful list:

The Toronto Star has a list of false claims made by President Trump. At the end of his first six months in office, the list totals 447 false claims. They average 2.4 per day. At this rate he will accumulate over 3,500 false claims by the end of his first term in office. Daniel Dale, writing for the Star, commented:

"... Trump has proven uniquely willing to lie, exaggerate and mislead. By all expert accounts, he is more frequently inaccurate than any of his predecessors." 9

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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  12. Gov. Shris Sununu, "Governor Chris Sununu Signs HB 1319 Into Law, 2018-JUN-08, at: https://www.governor.nh.gov/

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