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If you are a religious conservative, please study our disclaimer essay first, before reading the text below.

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bullet We believe that: 
bullet Religions are very different
bullet Religions teach very different perceptions of God.
bullet All religions cannot be absolutely true in their beliefs.
bullet With few exceptions, most faith groups have a positive influence on their members.
bullet Some religions and their followers have committed terrible atrocities against women and minorities.
bullet Honest doubt helps prevent many religious injustices. Those who were most certain of their faith were the ones who stoned the prophets.
bullet All, or almost all, theistic religions are "bottom-up" faiths. That is, their beliefs, practices and holy books are the creation of humans trying to comprehend the deity or deities that they have created.
bullet Few, if any, of the theistic religions are "top-down" faiths. That is, their beliefs, practices and holy books represent revelation from God to humanity.
bullet This site describes both the positive and negative aspects of religions.
bullet It is acceptable to criticize the actions of faith groups where those actions harm others.
bullet This site describes dozens of faith groups, from Asatru to Christianity to Wicca to Zoroastrianism. We cover new religious movements, including dangerous cults. We describe non-theistic ethical belief systems, like Agnosticism, Atheism and Humanism.
bullet We describe all sides of each controversial topic, from abortion, to physician assisted suicide, including capital punishment, evolution & creation science, and homosexuality.

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We define "religious tolerance" differently from some people:

bullet To be tolerant does not require that we accept other beliefs as true.
bullet By religious tolerance, we mean that everyone - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Wiccans, and others -- should be able to follow their own religious beliefs and practices freely.
bullet Religious diversity is increasing throughout North America. We need to develop a religiously tolerant culture, or the U.S. and Canada are headed for disaster.

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