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An essay donated by Contributing Editor, Susan Humphreys

Brief thoughts on the word "Infinity:"

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Infinite: without limits or bounds. There has been another school shooting. They are approaching infinite in number. They never seem to end. People keep saying “never again” and they keep happening again and again and again…..

What a condemnation of our society. We can’t seem to find a way to stop this culture of violence that pervades our society. Schools become armed fortresses. Neighborhoods have gates and guards to keep the “rabble” out. The most popular games are the ones that are the most violent. Turn on the TV any evening and try to find a show that doesn’t glorify violence and the macho male culture that promotes the idea that the only way to beat a bad guy is to be an even more violent “good” guy. Too many of the “sit coms” concept of humor is really promoting bullying, the quick put down, making fun of someone else. There is nothing funny about them, in my opinion.

And the movies. The blockbusters have been the ones again that promote the macho violent culture that the only way to beat a violent bad guy is with more violent “good” guys.

Is this what makes America great, or is this what degrades America?

Infinite: without limits or bounds. Fake news, lies, misleading statements seem to be unlimited, never ending. If the “truth” doesn’t agree with you make up your own. No one cares. No one can tell the difference between fact and fantasy.

Is this what makes America Great? Or is this what degrades America?

Infinite: without limits or bounds. Dirty tricks. Whether done for political reasons or for business reasons, based on the premise that the ends justify the means. Or the premise that if no one is looking, or if it works do it, if you don’t get caught it’s okay. If you get caught, then lie, mislead, claim fake news.

Is this what makes America Great? Or is this what degrades America?

Infinite: without limits or bounds. God is said to be infinite in nature, without a beginning and without an end. Though few comprehend what that really means.

For some, God is all encompassing. God is the earth, the sky, the stream, the tree, the frog in the pond and the squirrel in the tree, and in ALL humans, animals, plants ... the whole planet.

If God isn’t found in ALL humans can He/She/It really be considered infinite? If God can only love those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or who wear the hijab, or practice the right rituals, or attend the right church, mosque or synagogue really be infinite in his/her nature, infinite in his/her love? Can God really be infinite if He is only a He and not a She or both?

Infinite: without limits or bounds. I think people need to stop and think about this word infinite.

Here is a thought experiment. Imagine a wooden bead on a large brass ring, such that the bead can be moved all the way around the ring. This is a symbol for, an example of infinity. Where does the path of the bead begin and where does it end? What is the future path for the bead and what is its past path? Will the journey of the bead ever come to an end? Or like the energizer bunny, will it keep on going and going and going…..

Maybe if people will:

  • stop and think about this word "infinity" and
  • where and how it impacts their lives and the lives of those around them and those they may never meet, and
  • whether they help to perpetuate the good, all that is best about themselves and other human beings, our society and our world,
  • or perpetuate the worst that is in our own nature and in others nature, our society and the world;

Then maybe we really can begin to make America Great Again.

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Original posting: 2018-MAY-22
Author: Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys

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