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Forum posting help:

bullet A very helpful and amusing introduction to forum posting is at:

We invite you to take part...

bullet in the unmoderated bulletin board attached to this web site
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Lists of links to forums, etc:

bullet A list of ALT, SOC & TALK newsgroups is at:
bullet A list of Eastern Orthodox lists, usenets, and chat rooms is maintained at:
bullet A list of religious "Hot lists," from Athena to Yoga is maintained at:
bullet OccultForums have a series of forums on various elements fo the occult. See:
bullet The Technology & Culture forum is a series of lectures sponsored by the Episcopal Chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They grow "...out of the church’s commitment to peace, justice, and upholding human dignity." See:
bullet Harley Han has a master list of religious Usenet Newsgroups at:

Individual forums, etc:

bullet The All-faiths unmoderated Egroup invites all to discuss and share their religious or spiritual beliefs at: 
bullet Atheist resources are listed at:
bullet Blog the Bible "... is a free blogging community which allows users to express themselves pertaining to topics of biblical significance. This blogging community is intended for believers and non believers alike ..." See:
bullet Catholic Cupid is a Roman Catholic dating service. It has a forum at:
bullet The Cauldron and the Cross seeks common ground between Neopaganism and Christianity. See:
bullet Christian Forums unite "all Christians as one body." They are an enormous site. See:
bullet Cicero TV holds discussions on matters relating to life: abortion access, use of stem cells, contraception, assisted suicide, etc. See:
bullet In La Kesh forum helps people who have left high-intensity religious groups. They suffered a major data loss in 2005. Their "conversations" forum is still active. See:
bullet The Internet Infidels' discussion board has postings from skeptics, secularists, humanists, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. See:
bullet Jump In The Conversation is a webite that posts questions and ask folks to jump in and give their opionions. See:
bullet People in Action maintains a series of spirituality forums at:
bullet ReligionTalks is a forum for all religions. Their goal is to focus on the common good that each religion offers. See:
bullet has various forums, a chat facility and a shop. See:
bullet features forums on the major world religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc. Forums on other religions such as Baha'i Faith, Paganism, Scientology, Unitarian Universalism are also included. See:
bullet Safis Net has a religious forum in which visitors can ask questions and expect an answer. See:
bullet Sciforums has an active religious forum at:
bullet Lisa Shea has a religious forum at:
bullet The Student Center has a Religion Forum at: It is open to everyone without prior registration.
bullet Talkcity has a group of chat rooms devoted to spirituality. One is the Spirituality-Reflecting Pool dedicated to tolerance and non-denominational chat. Follow the spirituality hyperlink at
bullet TheologyWeb debates and discusses "...everything from religion, politics, lifestyle, pop culture, to who is the coolest member of the moderating team." See:
bullet The United Communities of Spirit has an interfaith forum at:

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