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Part 2 of two parts:
Other topics: Links that don't fit into other
classifications. They range
from "massage
therapy" to "Writing to your senator:"

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This list is continued from the previous essay

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Other topics:

bullet Massage Therapy 101 is an online guide to massage therapy, schools, supplies and resources by Karin Konopelky. See:

bullet Midwest Christian Surfing Association (MCSA) hopes to construct an indoor facility to educate the public about Jesus Christ and teach people how to surf. See:

bullet Mind Writer: Subliminals:Future World Corp. sells recordings with subliminal messages designed to influence a person's subconscious mind with topics such as self confidence, intelligence, weight. See:

bullet MyLovingTribute " an Online Support Community where people grieving a loss can connect with others who are going through a similar experience. There are several key features of this website©all intended to help a person come to terms with their grief:
bullet They can create a Memorial Page to honor their loved one.
bullet They can share their experience with others in a loving and caring environment.
bullet They can support others with ... thoughts, prayers, advice, and helpful materials.
bullet They can find uplifting and inspiration material to help them through this dark time."


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bullet MyMovingQuote provides a movers directory of moving companies, moving services and online moving quotes from professional movers across the U.S.  See:

bullet Mystical Skies provides "expert psychic and Tarot readings, life coaching, counseling, cleansing, channeling, astrology," spells, etc., at a cost of $10 per Email or $15 per ten minutes. See:

bullet NumDumb is a website which translates numbers into corresponding area codes, zip codes, names, etc. See:

bullet Oracles Nouveau is "a select group of online, automated, original oracle readings and tools." Included are a random letter generator, random number generator, fortune teller. See:

bullet is a listing of orphanages around the world with links to their websites. See:

bullet "Paul of Tarsus Must Die" is an online journal dealing with biblical prophecy. It suggests that the Bible is a collection of hundreds of riddles that the webmaster has solved. See:

bullet Popunet Page specializes in information about the Internet itself. See:

bullet Prayerit "... is a place where people can experience the power of prayer. By submitting prayer requests thousands of people all over the world will keep you in their thoughts and pray for you. See:

bullet PresentMomentRetreat has links to Yoga supplies, centers, and instructors. See:


Psychic Readings:

  • A website by Lee Brown has photographs, feedbacks, testimonials, a list of links to tarot, horoscope, rune and daily inspirational websites, etc. He offers email and phone readings. See:

  • Free Psychics offers readings online. Your first ten minutes only cost $1.99 and the first three minutes are free.

  • Psychic Guild offers free psychic readings, including tarot games, horoscopes and spell casting.

bullet Red Road Coaching, Counseling and Therapy " incorporate lessons and wisdoms from Native Nations throughout the Americas, Eastern Philosophies on right living, along with traditional psycho/social/behavioral methods to help you understand the meaning of your life and your purpose." See:

bullet The Religious Addiction and Spiritual Abuse website concentrates on discerning toxic religious addiction and spiritual abuse within Evangelical Christianity. See:

bullet Religious Diets: Correctional Service, Canada maintains an extensive list of Religious Diets, General Guidelines. They are intended for the guidance of Federal prison employees in the preparation of food for inmates of various faiths. See: 

bullet Sassafrass Grove is a site that supports parents who are home-schooling their children. See:

bullet Science without Bounds is an on-line book which synthesizes science, religion and mysticism. See:

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bullet Self-help HQ has listings of self-help groups ranging from Alcoholism to Women. See:

bullet SightSeekers  is a Haunting Community that lets users share their personal ghost stories and hauntings. See:

bullet SilentSender  is an anonymous messaging website that allows you to send a message to another Email address without revealing your identity. They suggest using it to share a secret, expose corruption, report crime, etc. See:

bullet The Society Directory provides a classified directory of society web links, from activism to yoga, including history, politics, relationships, etc. See:

bullet The Sojourners is a site that defies classification. It provides a hospice - defined as a "place for sojourners and pilgrims to stay and restore themselves." See:

bullet Suicide and Mental Health Association International (SMHAI) is an organization formed by survivors left behind after a suicide. Their website lists suicide prevention help lines around the world. They have sections to support suicide survivors and those with suicidal ideation. See:

bullet The Third Age supplies information focused on the needs of "...midlife adults -- generally those in their 40s, 50s and 60s, -- and those who want to build a genuine relationship with them." See: They have a checklist for ten warning signs of Alzheimer's Disease at:

bullet This is True is a weekly syndicated newspaper column by Randy Cassingham of Colorado. It reports on bizarre but true news items. His newsletter is free. See:

bullet TopSafeList Biz enables anyone to set up their own Safelist business with their own professional website. See:

bullet TopSchools is a comprehensive college directory with many resources useful to prospective students and parents interested in advancing their education. This site enables individuals to search for an institution by a number of criteria including location, subject, size, admissions, and graduation rates. See:

bullet TruthSeekerTv is a TV reality program produced by Petulla Pictures. It attempts to uncover the truth behind "many mysteries that haunt our popular unconscious." Topics include: Who shot JFK? Will the world end in 2012? Is mind control real? Are aliens placing implants in humans? See:

bullet The UCADIAN model is an open source model of key life concepts structured on three levels: 14 primary books, 130 secondary books and unlimited texts written by others. See:

bullet The Universal Code of Living is a website which promotes "The Second Theory of Everything" -- a full an complete scientific understanding of life. See:


Vaping Tips to improve your vaping experience, including the use of and care for equipment, visiting a local vaping store, preservation of materials and many other topcs. See:

bullet Write your Senator. Share your opinion with your representative through their provoking postcards. provides an easy way to get your message out. See:

bullet Writing Service: Writing Solutions offers expert academic writing services for English-speaking students, from blog posts to newspapers articles and SEO content. They produce solid, professional white papers, manuals, presentations and more. See:

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