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Links to religious websites

Progressive & liberal Christian: para-church,
congregational, & personal websites

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Links to websites of Christian denominations are located elsewhere

Progressive and liberal Christian sources:

bullet Lists of links to liberal and progressive Christian websites can be found at:

bullet Jesus Unplugged at:

bullet The Liberal Christian Network at:

bullet The Progressive Christian Blogger Network at:
bullet Individual liberal and progressive websites:


The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity comments:

"Are you frustrated with how the mainstream media portray the science and religion issue? It's as if the only two games in town were science-rejecting creationism and faith-rejecting atheism. But for the millions of us in the middle who see no conflict between faith and reason, heart and head, Jesus and Darwin, we know that's a false choice. Religious faith and practice can be positively strengthened by what God is revealing through science. See:

bullet The "Are you a Realistic Christian?" website believes that a very human Jesus is buried under layers of myth and dogma. They follow the religion of Jesus, not the religion about Jesus. See:
bullet Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity " a place where people who have experienced the isolation resulting from their spiritual growth or faith development can connect with others who have had similar experiences yet continue on the quest for meaning. See:
bullet Kenneth Cauthen's Essays on Theology and Ethics are at:

bullet The Center for Progressive Christianity encourages "churches to care about people who find organized religion irrelevant, ineffectual, or repressive." See:
bullet Christ Community Church (C3) is located in Spring Lake, MI. It is a "community where people are encouraged to think for themselves and to find layers of meaning in life." They "...take an integral or comprehensive approach to religion and spirituality." See:
bullet Christian Alliance for Progress is a movement to reclaim Christianity and transform American politics. See: 
bullet The Christian Humanist is a website by Artur G. Broadhurst that promotes a non-theistic reinterpretation of Christianity. See:
bullet The Christian Left is a Facebook page at:

bullet Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented: They suggest: "If you are frustrated with public figures or outspoken Christians who speak and act in ways that do not represent who Jesus Christ is (unconditional love, forgiveness, and an advocate to the rejected by society), join us as we challenge them in their lies and bigotry in a creative and constructive way. See: Their essays are a little hard to read because they are mostly shown with black lettering on gray backgrounds. But it is worth the effort.

bullet Clergy Letter Project believes "...that the timeless truths of the Bible and the discoveries of modern science may comfortably coexist." They promote the teaching of the theory of evolution in public schools. See:
bullet The Rev. Chuck Currie's "Views from a United Church of Christ Minister" blog is at:
bullet The Dubious Disciple is a blog by author and scholar Lee Harmon. It contains "book reviews and theological rants of a liberal Christian." See:
bullet Eacology is a blog by Eric Crawford. It " focused on Evolving Ideas and Solving Problems of Social and Spiritual significance.   And it's about doing so in a way that navigates beyond the common intellectual and emotional boundaries of culturation, indoctrination, tacit assumptions, and obdurate presuppositions...while respectfully highlighting the virtues of tolerance, humility, commonality, and a quest for knowledge." See:
bullet Grace Cathedral maintains a "spiritual digest for the hungry soul." Included (last time we looked) were articles by Bishop John Spong and Matthew Fox. See:
bullet The Human Jesus and Christian Deism website promotes Deism as a natural religion. Deists believe that God created the universe, started it up, left, and hasn't been seen since. See:
bullet The "Jesus is a Liberal" website teaches that: "... the historical, Biblically documented teachings of Jesus Christ clearly show that Jesus is a Liberal. His philosophy, based in compassion, equality, inclusion, forgiveness, tolerance, peace and - most importantly - love, is 100% Liberal." They sell T-shirts, fridge magnets and bumper stickers. See:
bullet The Jesus Seminar is a group of theologians who have conducted debates about the historical Jesus, attempting to determine facts about the life of Yeshua of Nazareth. See:
bullet Liberal Baptist Rev is a blog by Chris Ayers who describes himself as: "... the luckiest Pastor in the world, the Pastor of Wedgewood Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC." See:
bullet Liberal Christian Parenting Board is a support board for liberal Christian parents. See:
bullet Liberal Christian Research Pages contain a liberal Christian's reflections on the Bible and Christian doctrine. See:
bullet Liberal Devotional provides daily Bible verses and commentary focused "... on God’s transcendent goodness and fairness; God’s immanent availability as an inspiration and a sanctuary; and God’s call for us to incarnate God’s will through love, morality, good works and social justice." See:
bullet Liberal Lectionary Resources contains many dozens of commentaries on biblical verses, from a liberal perspective. See:
bullet The Patheos Mainline Protestant Portal supplies "... resources and inspiration for deepening your journey and the conversations that are shaping the future of the Church." see:

bullet The Progressive Christianity Network Britain (PCN Britain) " to promote and support open and contemporary Christian understanding. We provide a network of local groups across the country, publish a radical quarterly newsletter, and organize regular conferences and events. Members come from all denominations, and we enjoy links with other progressive Christian movements around the world. See:
bullet The Progressive Christianity Network of Victoria, Inc promotes: "... progressive Christian thought and practice; ...[explores] the implications of critical biblical scholarship and the emerging proposals of eminent contemporary theologians, scholars and others; [and investigates] alternatives to traditional religious beliefs and practices and new ways to understand religious faith." See:
bullet Michael Maasdorp maintains the Radical Faith website, "exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world," at:
bullet Bishop John Shelby Spong's website is "A New Christianity for a New World." He promotes progressive Christianity as "the authoritative voice for believers in exile." See:

bullet Tentmaker promotes the Universalist belief, that all people will eventually be saved and attain heaven. Their favorite Biblical quotation is 1 Timothy 4:10 "Jesus Christ, the savior of all men, especially those who believe.'. See:
bullet The God Article is a personal website of Mark Sandlin, the minister at Vandalia Presbyterian Church in Greenbsboro, NC. See:

bullet Theocracy Watch monitors "a very specific group of religious leaders who are using the Republican Party as a way to gain dominion over [American] society." See:

Sponsored link:

bullet Progressive blogs:

bullet Blog for liberal seekers seeks to "answer the question 'Why should political progressives care about progressive Christians'?" See:
bullet Christian Dissent is taped every Sunday morning at the WRFN studios in Pasquo, TN. The show is hosted by area bloggers and seekers Cole Wakefield, Josh Tinley, and Joey Hood. They explore the complex issues faced by the church today. See:
bullet Disruptive Theology challenges both the religious and secular status quo. See:
bullet FaithForward is promotes progressive Christianity and progressive politics. See:
bullet I am a Christian too is a Christian blog "for the rest of us." See:
bullet LeftyBlogs is a meta-blog which consolidates material collected from progressive blogs across the U.S. See:
bullet Patheos' Faith Forward blog contains "voices of the mainline, progressive and emergent church." They invite individual contributions. See:
bullet The Post Christian is a blog promoting a Christianity  without dogmatic insistence or intolerance. See:
bullet Progressive Christians Unite is a blog representing the progressive Christian movement. See:

bullet Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has an essay on liberal Christianity including contributions to biblical hermeneutics, interpretations, influence, and links to biographies of liberal theologians and authors, See:

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