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bullet RE on the Internet Exchange at:

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Individual web sites:

bullet Jim Carnes, "Leaps of Faith," is an article from Teaching Tolerance magazine, at:
bullet Global Tolerance is a consultancy, production and training company based in the UK. " tolerance is a pioneering power in the global struggle to fight ignorance, apathy and discrimination in relation to religion." See:
bullet The Hibbert Assembly publishes a series of essays for schools, titled "Bringing Religion down to earth." See:
bullet Human Rights USA  has a series of Human Rights Education Links at:
bullet The Museum of Tolerance has a list of resources to aid in teaching of the Nazi Holocaust and other tolerance issues. See:
bullet Promoting Tolerance is a project of San Clemente High School, aimed at promoting tolerance and stopping youth violence. See:
bullet Mary Ann Reichert, "An approach to teaching religious tolerance," at: It is appropriate for grades 9-12.
bullet OABITAR (Objectivity, Accuracy and Balance in Teaching about Religion) promotes the appreciation of religious diversity and respect for minority faiths. See:
bullet Religious Education Tolerance Association web ring is at:
bullet The Unitarian Universalist Association has a strong religious education program which is inclusive of all major religions and which promotes religious tolerance. They have a section of their website suggesting that "Religious Education is Lifespan Faith Development" Their programs extend from preschoolers to adults. See:
bullet The Southern Poverty Law Center has operated a "Teaching Tolerance" project since 1991. They distribute a semi-yearly magazine with the same name. See:
bullet Teaching about religion with a view to diversity "is a valuable resource on the topics of teaching about religion and non-religion, tolerance diversity, pluralism and multicultural and civic education." It is impressive in its depth and breadth. See
bullet Think Ahead has a brief essay on teaching religious tolerance. See:

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Related essay on this web site:

bullet Web sites that promote tolerance

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