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This list includes groups which cover a wide range of peace-related topics, from anti-war organizations to blogs to inter-personal conflict resolution groups.


bullet Anon: "Si Vis Pacem, Para Pacem" (If you want peace, prepare for peace).
bullet Lilian Genser: "I pledge allegiance to the world to care for earth and sea and air, to cherish every living thing, with peace and justice everywhere." A suggested supplement to the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. 1
bullet Thich Nhat Hanh: Buddhist monk and peace activist: "How do you want to create peace, if there is no peace inside yourselves?"
bullet Martin Luther King, Jr.: "We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish together as fools."
bullet Hans Küng: "There will be peace on earth when there is peace among the world religions."
bullet More quotes

Web sites containing lists of links to other sites:

bullet The Peace Research Information Unit Bohn (PRIUG) maintains a list of over 300 organizations and institutions..." See: A list of contents, sorted by country, is at:
bullet The Center for Applied Conflict Management (CACM) has a list of links related to conflict management: organizations, academic programs, professional associations, journals, job and intern listing, etc. at:
bullet The Nonviolence Web maintains a list of "nonviolent links," including essential websites, magazines, newspapers, peace groups, etc. See:

Individual groups promoting peace:

bullet The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) "...carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world." It was founded by Quakers in 1917. See:
bullet The Catholic Peace Fellowship describes themselves as "a mighty league of conscientious objectors." They " Catholic conscientious objectors through education, counseling, and advocacy." See:
bullet The Center for Peace & Conflict Studies develops and implements "...projects, programs, curricula, research and publications in areas of scholarship related to international and domestic peace, war, social justice, arms control, globalization, multicultural awareness and constructive conflict resolution." See:
bullet The Center for Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict is an independent group "dedicated to the reduction of religious-based conflict throughout the world through publicizing existing conflicts, their significance to all of us, and their causes; as well as providing realistic long-term solutions. The Center is not a religion or church; nor in any way associated with any religion or church, but a truly independent organization which believes all religions are important." See:
bullet Center for War/Peace Studies "is a 'think tank' located in the United Nations backyard. The central objective of the CW/PS is to establish an international political and legal system that will make possible the abolition of war." See:
bullet The Center of Concern "envisions a world in which every woman, man and child can survive, thrive, and contribute back to our communities, enhancing life for all who share the planet." They have been "promoting global justice and peace since 1971." See:
bullet Committee for Conflict Transformation Support: "Members and associates of the Committee have run workshops, seminars, discussion groups or debates with organizations and individuals involved with peace, human rights, peace education, the well-being of refugees and displaced persons, the analysis and resolution of conflict, the care of those traumatized by violence," etc. See:
bullet Conciliation Resources is "an international service for conflict transformation....[They provide] practical and sustained assistance to people and groups in areas of armed conflict or potential violence." See:
bullet The ES Press (a.k.a. TESP which stands for Thoughtful Expressions of Spiritual People.) Their "... mission is to inform, educate, inspire and enlighten. Columnists and writers at The ES Press are accomplished and gifted people who have chosen to share their knowledge and views, through articles, columns, reviews and more." See:
bullet The Fetzer Institute "...advances love and forgiveness as powerful forces that can transform the human condition. The Institute engages with people and programs working to bring the power of love and forgiveness to the center of individual, organizational and community life. We create and support projects that serve as healing forces in a divided world, and that spread knowledge about how individuals everywhere can be more loving and forgiving in daily life." See:
bullet The Heidelberg Institute on International Conflict Research (HIIK) at the University of Heidelbert in Germany researchers, documents and analyzes national and international conflicts. See: They produce an annual "conflict barometer" documenting crises, wars, coups d'etats, negotiations, peace settlements... See:  This yearly reports are in PDF files. You may require software to read them. Software can be obtained free from: 
bullet Incore promotes conflict resolution management strategies from their center in the University of Ulster in Ireland. See: They maintain a listing of peace agreements worldwide. See: They publish the Ethnic Conflict Research Digest at:

The International Committee for Creating a Peaceful Sublime and Energetic World seeks to: "... create the world ... [in which] a destitute and an affluent human being, Black and White, Hebrew and Moslim, the different religions, the different devisal live without an affray and an embroilment together. The practical way should cover all of human beings in every place of the world." See:

bullet I Declare World Peace recommends that people post "I Declare World Peace" on the walls of their social media sites. Their facebook page is at: They write:

"As you know, World Peace is achievable in our lifetime. It is up to us. Please post "I Declare World Peace" on your [facebook] wall. Join us in this experiment, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

bullet The Institute for War and Peace Reporting "...strengthens local journalism in areas of conflict. By training reporters, facilitating dialogue and providing reliable information, it supports peace, democracy and development in societies undergoing crisis and change." See:

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