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Links to religious web sites

Individual interfaith groups
with names starting "A" to "I"

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Websites with lists of links to interfaith groups:

bullet All Rivers at:

bulletCenter for Global Ethics at:

bulletGrace, at:

bulletNorth American Academy of Ecumenists, at:

bulletReligions in Renewal at:

bulletUnited Interfaith Seminary, at:

bulletYahoo at:

Individual interfaith organizations:

bulletAfterhours Inspirational Stories publishes inspirational stories on their website. They are collecting contributions for two new interfaith books: "Messages from Heaven, Earth, and Self: Stories to Promote Cross Religions Understanding" and "Colors of Rainbow: Stories to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding". See:

bulletAll Religions describes many world religions including Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Deism, Islam and Buddhism. See:

bulletAreopagus Revisited is a paper dealing with the dialogue between science and religion, and between people of different faiths. It was delivered at the World Parliament of Religions in 1999. The first word is pronounced areeo-PAY-gus; it is the "name of a stony hilltop next to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. In the New Testament era, it was a place where philosophers, civic elders and religious leaders met to discuss the issues of the day." See:

bulletAssociation of Interfaith Ministers "is a non-profit professional organization of Interfaith Ministers and interfaith clergy. In addition to providing support services for its members, A.I.M. acts as a clearinghouse for information on interfaith and other interfaith groups, provides education on interfaith for the general public, and maintains a referral service for anyone wishing to locate an Interfaith Minister or interfaith clergy member in their area." See:

bulletBiblaridion is a Christian theological journal oriented to followers of the world's monotheistic faiths. See:
bulletBible Fruit Picking is a UK website under constructions that is hopes to place 200 essays online about new religious groups. See:

bulletThe City of Light Church and the Sangha of the Cosmic Christ is a Christian-Buddhist monastic order located in Sedona, AZ. They promote the "renewal of contemplative life in the contemporary church and world. ... a true marriage of East and West via the creation of a Christ-based spiritual community with a Tibetan Buddhist expression of monasticism" of the Nyingma & Gelugpa Schools. See:

bulletCommon Ground promotes the "... belief that every culture and every era has much to offer to the collective wisdom of the planet." It is "... A study center exploring the ways in which the religions, cultures, and peoples of the world interconnect, A place to explore one's own spirituality," and much more. See:

bullet is an interfaith group based in the UK. It is "devoted to bringing to one place on the internet the key books and writings of human spiritual and religious thought. Covering the major world religions of the world, alternative spiritual systems, and ancient mythologies, this is an ever expanding work in the making." See:

bulletCoNexus Multifaith Media offers "...books, calendars, music, gifts CD-ROMs, posters and video on understanding world religions and spiritual traditions, interfaith and faith-based organizations to serve your needs, and new ways of creating a sense of community and cooperation among religions." See:

bulletCouncil for a Parliament of the World's Religions traces its origin to the historic 1893 World's Parliament of Religion, held at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago IL. The Council cultivates "harmony between the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its other guiding institutions in order to achieve a peaceful, just, and sustainable world." See:

bullet Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States (CIC-USA) "... is a democratic religious ecclesiastic body of independently-organized interfaith, multifaith, and interspiritual congregations, communities, and seminaries throughout the United States." They are located in Washington DC. See:

bullet Desert Rose Music creates interfaith "... music with a distinct universal signature which promotes a society of healing and crosses the global cultural barriers. See:

bulletDharma, The Cat is a charming "thinking person's cartoon strip" written from a Buddhist perspective. It has an interfaith forum. Neat tune, too. See:

bulletDiscussion group: Rachel Barenblat, manager of the Interfaith Webring has started an online discussion group for topics related to interfaith living and interfaith marriage. See:

bulletDruidsFoot is an "... online esoteric Web site that offers discussion about the occult, witchcraft, voodoo, spirituality, theology, philosophy, metaphysics, the paranormal, quantum physics, dreams, ESP/Psychic and related topics." They have user blogs, chat, forums, radio and a resource library. See:

bulletEqual Partners in Faith is a "a multiracial national network of religious leaders and people of faith committed to equality and diversity.  [They] affirm and defend the equality of all people regardless of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation." This leads them to oppose religious groups that promote inequality and exclusion. See: 

bullet Encounter World Religions Centre is an "educational non-proselytory organization that creates genuine 'encounters' with the people, philosophies, practices, and places that comprise the world's religions." They bus groups around Toronto, ON, Canada. A typical tour lasts for a week. Participants study nine world religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native Spirituality, Sikhism, Wicca and Zoroastrianism. See:

bulletThe European Association for World Religions in Education aims to contribute to more appropriate, accurate, adequate and emphatic, teaching of world religions at all levels of education. See: 

bullet Gathering of Light is a "... multifaith congregation that provides for people of all faiths a place of worship as well as community, service and education. ... All forms of human spirituality are recognized and honored through an offering of different faiths. Our services and programs support positive and practical spirituality within the fellowship and in service to the community. They meet at the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow in Melville, LI, NY. See:

bulletThe Global Dialog Institute promotes "dialogue in the broadest sense among individuals and groups of different religions and cultures, focusing especially though not exclusively on the 'opinion-shapers' of society, e.g., scholars, professionals, and institutional & business leaders. See: Their site includes the  "The Dialogue Decalogue: Ground Rules for Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue" at:

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Individual inter-faith websites (cont'd)

bulletThe Golden Rule Creative/Meditative Workshop is one of a group of "joyful living workshops" run by Roslyn Rus and Paul McKenna, and the Interfaith Desk of Scarboro Missions, in Toronto, ON Canada. The workshop generates "greater compassion, tolerance, global unity, social justice, moral ethics, and PEACE." See:

bulletThe Harmony Project honors "the essences of the major religions in American culture." Fourteen faiths are described:  Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American, Nature/Animism, Oneness, Shamanism, Sikhism, and Taoism. See:

bulletThe Institute for Interreligious Studies is an association of theologians, teachers, economists and other interested people who want to promote interfaith dialogue through encounters and publications. They are a multi-lingual group based in Germany and the Netherlands. See: 

bulletThe Institute for World Spirituality at:  promotes "communication, tolerance and most importantly, cooperative compassionate action among the religions of the world." This link appears to be dead.

bulletINTERFAITH is a German website (written in German) that promotes understanding of all faiths, religions and philosophies and encourages an open exchange of beliefs. It is their hope that this will help disarm interfaith conflicts. They oppose "antis": people who attack other religions, and who promote religious conflict and hatred. See:

bulletInterfaith Action's mission is "to develop a healthy pluralistic culture in the town of Sharon, MA and to be a resource to other cities and towns interested in collaborating to strengthen the bonds of civil society." See:

bulletThe Interfaith Alliance is  "a mainstream, faith-based agenda committed to the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in public life...committed to supporting families, ensuring opportunity and honoring freedom." See: 

bulletThe Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) "is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study." See:

bullet The Interfaith Film Festival (IFFF 2011CE) has been established to "... share our respective stories with each other in order to gain better understanding, respect, and compassion for each other. ... The IFFF 2011CE features short films (of less than ½ hour) that inform and inspire." Films will be located on the IFFF 2011CE account on You Tube. 

bulletInterfaithForums discuss, compare and debate religion at:

bulletInterfaith Fellowship in New York City is "an alternative spiritual community of worship, celebration and healing...[They] draw from the beauty and wisdom of a broad range of faiths, spiritual paths, and provide a space for all in their unique search for the Divine." See: "is a cooperative, not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals who have joined together to establish a greater spiritual presence on the World Wide Web. Our association's strength lies in the basic principle of Interfaith ministry © there is truth in all faiths and spiritual paths." See:

bullet InterFaith Film Festival is

bulletInterfaith Journey is the companion website to the book "us & them: bridging the chasm of faith" by W.C. Scheurer (Hourglass Books; 2004). See:   You can read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

bulletThe Interfaith Webring is one of many religious webrings at:

bulletThe Interfaith Working Group is concerned that, by listening to the media, people will conclude that all religion is inherently conservative. They maintain a home page which emphasizes the "diversity of religious opinion on social issues." See them at:  They also have a page which links to an incredible number of other groups and individuals on topics such as: gay rights, reproductive freedom, the separation of church and state, and the diversity of religious opinion on these issues. See:

bulletThe Interfaith Youth Core engages "...youth from different faith communities in a dynamic process of intercultural encounter, social action and interfaith reflection." See:

bulletThe International Association for Religious Freedom works "...for freedom of religion and belief at a global level. Encouraging interfaith dialogue and tolerance is part of this agenda." See:

bulletThe International Interfaith Centre in Oxford, UK, supports "the work of organizations and individuals to further peaceful relations, respect and understanding between people with different faith beliefs."  See:

bulletThe International Committee for the Peace Council has a mission "... to demonstrate that peace is possible, and that effective interreligious collaboration to make peace also is possible. In a world where religion too often is used to justify division, hatred, and violence -- and very seldom used to relieve these problems -- the Peace Councilors offer an alternative: the example of religious leaders working effectively together to relieve suffering and make the world whole." See:

bulletThe Internet Sacred Text Archive promotes religious tolerance and scholarship by publishing on the Internet public domain texts from a great variety of religious traditions. Almost 200 megabytes is available as of 2001-FEB. See:

bulletInterreligious Engagement Project (IEP21) "... works to further the engagement of religious and spiritual communities around the world with each other, with secular agencies, and - most of all - with the critical issues facing the planetary community in the early 21st century." See:

bulletInterreligious Insight (IRI) is a publishing venture shared between three interfaith groups: Common Ground, World Congress of Faiths, and Interreligious Engagement Project. See:

Groups with names starting "J" to "Y" are elsewhere

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