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Individual inter-faith websites


Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning is housed at two universities in Minnesota:

bullet Jewish-Christian Relations "is concerned with issues in the on-going Christian-Jewish dialogue". See:

bullet Miracle Minds is a multi-function, inter-faith website. They offer co-creation of personal ceremonies and rituals, "celebrate diversity" training for businesses, one-on-one counseling, support for students of A Course in Miracles, etc. See:

bullet Movement for Beloved Community seeks to build a new world by seeking a universal spirit that encompases all religions. See:

bullet Multifaith Works is a volunteer-based group centered in Seattle, WA. They provide "...housing and supportive services to people living with AIDS or other life-threatening illnesses, and community education on issues of human diversity." See:

bullet The University of Derby in the UK sponsors MultiFaithNet at They provide some free services, and many subscription services which cost between 20£ and 50£ per year to individuals.

bullet The National Council of Churches' Commission on Interfaith Relations "provides an important forum for Christians to explore the challenges and opportunities of living among people of other faiths." See:

bullet Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual and Religious Care provides a liaison between religious groups and the Government of Ontario, and ensures adequate religious services and spiritual care for persons in institutions and community-based agencies and programs. See:

bullet The religion community: This is a new interfaith website with individual sections on various Christian groups, as well as the Baha'i faith, Earth-Based religions, Eastern Religions, Islam and Judaism. See:

bullet The Oxaty web directory has a religion menu linking to about 100 religious websites. See:

bullet This web site highlights "... the similarities between all religions and the universal values of all of them so that people can stop fighting over the differences and finally come together to find God which ever way they choose. The site is arranged so you can see common held values of all of the seven major religions; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism and Confucianism." See:

bullet The Pluralism Project is centered at Harvard University. It studies and documents "...the growing religious diversity of the United States." They feel that "How Americans of all faiths begin to engage with one another in shaping a positive pluralism is one of the most important questions American society faces in the years ahead." See:

bullet The Religion Depot features a religious discussion forum, a live chat on scheduled religious topics, a mailing list and sections that deal with Buddhism and Christianity and Daoism. See:

bullet Religion and Life is a unique project by Professor Robert Campbell of the University of Toronto, Scarborough in Canada. It features video interviews of students from his courses Religious Traditions of the East and West. The emphasis is on describing how ordinary members perceive their own faith. Also included are images of places of worship and portions of religious services. Don't miss it! See:

bullet is a multi-faith information website that discusses a wide variety of topics, including statistics by country, and brief descriptions of paranormal beliefs within world religions. See:

bullet Sisters of Embracement is an ecumenical convent accepting women of all faiths and walks of life. They are dedicated to bringing about religious harmony and tolerance. See: Sister Julie, one of the original founders, has a blog at:

bullet Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope (SARAH) is "...a group of interfaith women committed to making a difference" in their community. We suspect that they are located in California. See:

bullet The Temple of love (also spelled 10ve) is a group attempting to purify world religions down to their essence, and to promote peace. See:

bullet The Temple of Understanding promotes understanding among the world's religions. It was founded as the first grassroots movement of international interfaith work in North America by a non-denominational organization..." See:

bullet The True Light Project describes the similarities and contradictions among the world's major religions, and interprets them according to the "true light" that the webmaster believes that he has received. See:

bullet The Truth and Thought Systems (TTS) is an Australlian group that promotes the the power of positive thinking and the concept of the oneness of all existence. See:

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Individual inter-faith websites (cont'd)

bullet The United Communities of Spirit believes "that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system, that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions, and coordinates the participation of millions of people." See:
bullet The United Religions Initiative "believes that all faiths are best served by the freedom and choice to become ordained online. This includes the freedom to perform weddings, perform baptisms or perform funerals for friends and family, regardless of your spiritual or religious denomination. [They] ... believe that you have the right to worship your God without intolerance or antiquated religious dogma." See:

bullet The Universal Life Church Monastery "seeks to bring people of different religions and spiritual traditions together in ways that respect and celebrate their uniqueness." See:

bullet Women Transcending Boundaries is a Syracuse NY based "egalitarian community of women coming together to respect an learn more about each others' various spiritual beliefs and common concerns." See:

bullet Women's Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in MetroDetroit (WISDOM)provide "... women opportunities to listen to each other, respect each otherís differences, and take action towards change." See:  

bullet Religions for Peace was founded after "a handful of senior leaders from the world's major faith traditions began exploring the possibilities for organizing a 'religious summit' to address the need for believers around the world to take action toward achieving peace." See:

bullet The World Congress of Faiths "publishes the leading journal on interfaith matters 'Interreligious Insight.' It arranges a variety of conferences, meetings, retreats, visits and group travel." See:

bullet The World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations (WCMIR) fosters "... mutual understanding and friendly relations among people of different faiths. It strives to create a moral force, through working together with conscientious people of the world, against all forms of oppression, injustice and violence." Their website appears to be offline.


The World Faiths Development Dialogue "facilitates a dialogue on poverty and development among people from different religions and between them and the international development institutions." See:

bullet The WorldPeace Peace Page promotes interfaith understanding and tolerance as a route to world peace. See: A quotation from their home page: "As we stand at the threshold of a new world view, let us embrace a world view that acknowledges that we can never manifest peace or world peace if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace; that a Christian peace will never manifest religious peace, that a Caucasian peace will never manifest racial peace, and that an American peace will never manifest WorldPeace."

bullet World Prayers is a multi-cultural prayer collective. This website gathers "the great prayers written by the spiritual visionaries of our planet into an online database representing all life affirming traditions....Though these sacred verses arise from divergent paths, voices, languages, cultures and heritages, they all carry within them the same burning flame - the same impassioned love for life and the divine mysteries." See:

bullet You Tube has many video interfaith resources at:

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