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Links to other religious websites

Religious audio/video recordings for
downloading, viewing or listening

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We also maintain a list of written religious material,
including essays, lectures, interviews, etc


From time to time, we discover video and audio recordings of sermons, speeches, talks, etc. that are either free for the downloading, or can be obtained at relatively low cost. have a handy "Help and Frequently Asked Questions" section that may help bring you up to speed on downloading audio files, burning CDs and transferring files to a portable listening device like an Ipod. They have three videos online: one describes the download process; another is a guide to burning CDs.

Many websites and radio networks have a podcasting function. Itunes can be downloaded into your computer at no cost, and setup to automatically scan for new files and download them. See the podcast description at:

Obtaining free software:

QuickTime 7 for Windows or Macintosh can be downloaded at:

RealPlayer© can be downloaded at

Windows Media Player 11 for the XP operating system -- and earlier versions for other systems -- can be downloaded at:


bullet American Public Radio has a weekly program formerly called "Speaking of Faith" and now called "On Being." It covers the: "big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit." Topics covered include: "... religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas." An incredible resource. Free MP3 downloads and Podcast. See:

bulletAnswers in Genesis is a leading creationist organization headed by Ken Ham. They base their beliefs concerning matters as diverse the origin of species, the spread of language, the speed of light, etc. on a literal interpretation of the Bible's creation, Noah's ark and tower of Babel stories. They have over 100 MP3 and video programs that you can download from their website at:
bulletDr. F. Kenton Beshore: Dozens of lectures from an evangelical Christian viewpoint dealing mainly with biblical prophecy, Hell, Calvinism, End-times topics, etc. are available at: Most have lecture notes that can be separately downloaded.

bulletThe Chautauqua Institution in upper New York state is internationally recognized as a major center for Education, the Arts, Religion, and Recreation. Chautauqua was founded in 1874 on the belief that everyone "has a right to be all that he can be -- to know all that he can know. " To further this role they have developed a comprehensive on-line library in order to allow everyone access to over 1,200 lectures and sermons. Their speakers have included: John Shelby Spong, Jane Goodall, Marcus Borg, Loretta LaRoche, Anthony Campolo, David Kozak, John Akers, Lynn Sherr, Alan Simpson, Patricia Schroeder, Jesse Jackson, Kenneth Starr, Jane Hirshfield, Roger Rosenblatt, Karen Armstrong, and Roger Wilkins. Their site allows subscribers to hear unlimited streaming of over 1,200 lectures and sermons, at reasonable cost. About 350 deal with religion. Other popular categories are business, education, ethics, family, religion and government, war and peace. See: Great Lecture Library

bulletThe Conscious Media Network: They provide no-cost:

"access to the greatest thinkers of our time discussing issues and topics like the Illuminati, HAARP, spiritual healing, quantum physics, unexplained phenomena and anything and everything alternative, metaphysical and spiritual."


bulletFaraday Institute for Science and Religion: This is a UK institute which provides transcripts of lectures and debate in text and sometimes in MP3 formats. See their multimedia section at:
bulletThe Global Vision Channel provides short video clips, typically from 2 to 5 minutes long on a wide variety of topics, from a fundamentalist Christian perspective. See:
bulletGoogle provides a video search function at Most are from YouTube. Some are:
bullet"Women in the Early Church,"  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA),
bullet"The life of the apostle Paul," ELCA, at:
bullet"Tour of the history of the Bible," at:
bullet"Carl Satan's COSMOS: Episode 13; Who speaks for Earth?, at:
bullet Internet Archive: This website has a free Open Source collection -- an archive of donated audio recordings. In early 2007, 44,600 recordings were online. They can be browsed by subject & keywords. See:

Their Spirituality and Religion section has 1,120 entries. It includes three major sub-collections:
bulletTse Chen Link Buddhist lectures (394 recordings)
bulletSermons and religious lectures (587)
bulletThe Bible Podcast (146)


bulletJesus Christ Saves Ministries (JCSM) has a large library available for download:
bulletStephen Johnston reading the New International Version of the Old Testament at:
bulletJohnston's reading of the NIV version of the New Testament at:
bulletThe King James Version is at:
bulletDebates, interviews and lessons at:
bulletDebates between Dr. Jason Gastrich and non-theists at:
bulletLast Days Bible Conferences: Audio recordings from past pre-millennialist conferences are downloadable from
bulletDavid Mills, author of the "Atheist Universe," delivers an enthusiastic talk titled "Ten Reasons America is Approaching a Golden Age of Atheism." See:
bulletThe MacLaurin Institute records most of the 15 to 20 events that it sponsors anually. They are available free from:
bulletMyAudioLibris have a supply of over 7,000 audio books available at low cost  Some are available for free A section at list over 240 titles on religion and spirituality, covering such topics as: Alternative Therapies, Buddhism, Christianity, Inspiration & Devotion. Islam, Judaism, Meditation, Other Religions, Philosophy, and Prayer & Faith.
ODEO provides over 3.7 million free MP3 files as of 2007-OCT-22. See their sections on  religion spirituality, genocide, etc. They provide an internal search function so you can get a listing on any specific topic. Their home page is at:


bulletOpen Directory Project (DMOZ): This directory has a section listing audio and video recordings of Christian music at:
bulletPacific School of Religion: This is a seminary of the United Church of Christ with students from more than two dozen religious traditions. They distribute for free many chapel sermons, lectures, etc. from their:
bulletAnnual Earl Lectures and Pastoral Conference,
bulletAnnual McCoy Memorial Lecture on Religion, Ethics, and Public Life,
bulletLectures from the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies,
bulletworkshops, panels etc.


bulletPrabhupada Hare Krishna News Network contains links to dozens of MP3 recordings about the Hare Krishna religion. See:
bulletThe Trinity Foundation has a large number of MP3 recordings on theology from an evangelical perspective. See:
bulletUniversity of California Television -- The Knowledge Channel provides thousands of free videos of lectures, interviews, etc. A search using the topic "religion"  found 63 entries. They have lists of videos on such topics as "Science, Religion and the Human Experience," "Burke Lectureship on Religion and Society," "Democracy and Global Islam," "Focus on Origins," etc. RealPlayer© is required and can be downloaded at University of California Television -- the Knowledge Channel -- has dozens of televised lectures online which deal with the humanities. Many of these are related to religion, morality and ethics. Click on the "all humanities videos" tab. See:
bulletYouTube has a massive index of videos on a great variety of topics. They provide a search facility and a QuickList facility to facilitate maintaining a list of videos for later viewing. Some examples of videos:
bullet  "Religious Tolerance PSA," 48 seconds. A school project by SoapBoxQueen at: See more videos
bullet"Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls," at:
bullet"Wicca First Degree class, Lesson 1," at:
bullet"The United States of Jesus," at:
bullet"Religious intolerance on YouTube," at:
bulletSearch under topics like: HeavenHell, JesusGod, Spirituality, or other topics.
bulletVoxBiblia has the King James Version of the Bible available in MP3 format. You can download up to 5 chapters for free, or purchase the entire Bible in MP3 format on one DVD, or buy an Apple iPod Nano with the Bible already downloaded onto it or listen to the whole Bible. See:

Additions to this list:

If you have any favorite Internet sources of audio or video recordings on religious and spiritual themes, please share them with us via Email. We will consider adding them to this list,

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Original posting: 2007-JAN-22
Latest update: 2011-JAN-16
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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