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Public opinion surveys, polls, and quizzes:

bullet MisterPoll has a collection of dozens of religious polls submitted by individuals. The results are not necessarily accurate because the total number of contributors is low and they are self-selected. Some of the polling questions are delightfully biased. See:

bullet The Gallup Organization is probably North America's best known polling agency. Unfortunately, only limited polling data is available without a subscription. See:

bullet MSNBC has a religious literacy quiz at:

bullet The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life "... gathers and disseminates objective information through polls and reports. ... It provides a neutral venue through its various issue roundtables and briefings for discussions of important issues where religion and domestic and international politics intersect." See:

bullet Pop Consensus is a non-traditional polling site that gauges "... social opinions about moral issues and other abstract subjects. A defining characteristic here is the break down of opinions based on a handfull of personal lifestyle attributes." See:

bullet Roper Center for Public Opinion and Research has collected the results of thousands on polls on questions related to:

bullet Religion at:

bullet Homosexuality at:

bullet Abortion at:

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