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Links to religious and spiritual websites

Information sources, blogs, etc.

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Websites listing a broad range of resources of religious information:

bullet Academic Info maintains a religion gateway containing information on world religions, religious studies, comparative religion at:

bullet lists over 40,000 adherent statistic citations for various faith groups. A fascinating resource. See:

bullet Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) has extensive information online about U.S. and international religious groups, public opinion polls, etc. See:

bullet Beliefnet is an independent, multi-faith web site whose editorial staff consists of leading "journalists in the fields of religion, spirituality and morality." See:
bullet Chew the rag is an independent, refreshing blog "mixing religion and politics respectfully." See:

bullet CNN has a Belief Blog at: It covers a broad range of religious news, and posts a few entries each day.

bullet The Library of Historical Apoligetics has a collection of about 3,000 items on apologetics from the 17th century through the early 20th century. See:

bullet maintains a list of the "25 best Q&A Sites for Theologians." See ( is listed as #3.)

bullet The Pluralism Project at Harvard University maintains a data base listing thousands of associations, congregations, missions, inter-faith groups, study centers, and other religious centers at: that is searchable by state, tradition, keyword and name.

bullet Religion Simplified describes the beliefs of many religions concerning the paranormal. See:

bullet Religious Movements Homepage links to a group of essays prepared by Sociology classes at the University of Virginia lists many unusual faith groups. See:

bullet Religion Newswriters provides "Networking, tools & training for reporters who cover religion. See:

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Sites with specialist religious information:

bullet takes a myth-busting, thought- provoking approach to religion." Their goals are "...neither to preach nor to convert, but to bring to light the essence of religion, and its universal significance to modern day society." See:

bullet Al Bawaba (The Middle East Gateway) is "a comprehensive Middle Eastern portal on the Internet." It has a religion and philosophy section that contains links to dozens of religious web sites. See: 

bullet has groups of volunteers representing the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Unitarian, and Neopagan religions. You can ask an expert any question on one of these religions (and others) and get a free answer. See:
bullet Arab American National Museum has a list of Arab American resources at:

bullet Babylon is "an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 50 languages. Clicking on any text in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop applications etc gives displays a definition of the term." See for their home page. See also the following:
bullet Bible Dictionary 
bullet Religion & Beliefs
bullet Buddhism 
bullet Introduction to Christianity

bullet Barefoot Christian Faith welcomes "... believers and skeptics alike to wander in the wilderness seeking God, asking questions, and walking the barefoot path." See:

bullet Bible Walks provides photographs and additional information from the Holy land. See:

bullet Calendar of Events, including religious conferences, worships, special events, a religious calendar, is maintained by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University at:

bullet The Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (CSSR/SCER) provides a forum for all who are involved in the academic study of religion, e.g. anthropologists, historians, phenomenologists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists. See:

bullet Christian Depot has a listing of the books of the Bible, a list of all of the major denominations in the US, the text of some Presbyterian and Reformed catechisms, Christian art, etc at:

bullet Christian-Reincarnation has a web site dealing with reconciling belief in reincarnation and Christianity. See: 

bullet has Christian greeting E-cards, games, graphics, etc. at:

bullet Early Christian Writings includes translations of books from the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), Gospels and epistles that never made it into the official canon, Apocrypha, Gnostics, and Church Fathers. See:

bullet Facing Bereavement offers "guidance and advice on how to get through" the death of a loved one. It is a British web site, but the vast bulk of its information is universal. See:

bullet The Glossary Directory maintains lists of links to glossaries on a wide range of topics at: 

bullet The Holocaust Chronicle web site contains the full contents of the book by the same name, See: Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

bullet Ved Sutra has Hindu information "... from Ganesh to Sai Baba, from Krishna to Ram. VedSutra contains information about Hinduism, Hindu Gods and Hindu Mythology. See:
bullet Vijai Singh has a site: In Search of the One True Religion which advocates a spiritual path which integrates religion and science. See:

bullet The Internet Sacred Text Archive promotes religious tolerance and scholarship by publishing on the Internet public domain texts from a great variety of religious traditions. Almost 200 megabytes is available as of 2001-FEB. See:

bullet John Mark Ministries lists many resources for pastors/leaders: 950 articles, booksales, etc. See:

bullet Nurel (New Religions) provides reliable information about groups that are often called "cults, sects, new religions, or [by] some similar name." The Web site "is not anti-cult, counter-cult, or pro-cult. It is an academic resource linked to the electronic journal/discussion group NUREL-L." See:


View the Pluralism Project at Harvard University

bullet Planetary Resources: Exploring religion, old and new, has an extensive list of religious and spirituality links. See:

bullet Religion Depot features a religion discussion forum, a live chat, mailing list, and individual sections dealing with world religions such as Buddhism and Christianity. See:

bullet Religions in Renewal links "members of groups within the major established religions or ideologies who are seeking respectfully and gradually to reform their traditions from within while remaining loyal to the spirit of their path." See:

bullet James Richards has a web site at which has many pages of links to such esoteric topics as states of consciousness, history of religions, ancient alphabets, etc.

bullet Search engines:

bullet Religious Resources is a multi-faith search engine at: It is one of the few religious search engines that will actually register our web site.

bullet We maintain a list of over 25 religious search engines. Most bill themselves as Christian search engines. Many list only conservative Christian web sites.

bullet Sites for teaching Sites for Teaching lists educational websites according to their quality as assessed by visitors. See:

bullet Spirit and Sky maintain a directory of over 100,000 links to spiritual web sites at:

bullet Stress-FamilyHealth has an essay on how "religion and stress can work to your benefit or detriment." See:

bullet The Unification of Science, Religion and Humanity "is a mulit-faith book that shows how science and religion are uniting to bring world peace. It is available free of charge at:

bullet The Department of the Army has a website listing aspects of religious support in the Army, that may be of general interest to the public. See:

bullet The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom monitors religious freedom outside the USA. They advise the executive and legislative branches of government on how best to promote it. See:

bullet Virtual Religion Index lists hundreds of links to websites that cover a wide range of topics. It is maintained by Rutgers University. See:

bullet Washington Post maintains an archive of "On Faith" essays, written by "... distinguished figures from the academy, the faith traditions, and journalism." See:

bullet The World Network of Religious Futurists™ is dedicated to advancing the future of religion. See

bullet provides hyperlinks to specialty online dictionaries. See their links to religious dictionaries and glossaries at:

bullet The WorldPeace Peace Page at: has excerpts from many of the world's sacred texts.

bullet Xplore at: is a web site by James Peter that is devoted to övercoming "religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance, and human suffering"
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Information on topics other than religion:

bullet FindLaw maintains a database of U.S. Supreme Court Opinions dating from 1893. See:

bullet Our favorite search engines are: Google  and  Duck Duck Go. The latter promises that visitors will not be tracked. Also they don't "filter bubble" visitors. 

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