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bullet This is a new page. We don't have many links at this time but plan to expand the list over time.
bullet Some academic tours may not be suitable for religious conservatives; some conservative Christian tours may not be suitable for religious liberals.

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Christian sites in Israel:

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  • Canada: Encounters World Religious Centre is an "educational non-proselytory organization that creates genuine 'encounters' with the people, philosophies, practices, and places that comprise the world's religions." They bus groups around Toronto, ON, Canada. A typical tour lasts for a week. Participants study nine world religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native Spirituality, Sikhism, Wicca and Zoroastrianism. See:

  • India: All India Travel offers a wide variety of programs, including religious tours. See:

  • Turkey: Hüseyin Okandan conducts personal tours from his location in the town of Selcuk-Ephesus at the Aegean coast of Turkey. The area has many important places of archaeological, historical and spiritual value. See:

  • United States: Sedona, AZ: offers an online vacation guide with information on jeep tours, helicopter tours, resorts, spas, art galleries, psychics, spiritual counselors and much more. See: The photographs alone are worth the visit to their website.

  • Groups providing tours to various countries:

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Individual sites to visit:

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