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Bumper stickers promoting separation of church and state:

"bumper sticker" 10" x 3" Available at:


Religion is like underwear....  10" x 3"  Available at:


   10" x 3"  Available at:

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Bumper stickers sort of promoting religious tolerance:

Religious tolerance bumper sticker 10" x 3"  Available at:


Religious tolerance bumper sticker  10" x 3"  Available at:


Religious tolerance bumper sticker 13.2" x 3.8" Available at:


  3.75" x 3.75"  Available at:


11" x 3" It includes symbols from the various world religions, a Native American peace pipe and Kokopelli, and a scientific equation (e=mc2). Available at:  Also available as a mini-sticker 5.5" x1.5" at:


11" x 3" The text reads: Practice Compassion: what goes around comes around. Symbols included: Islam; Unitarian Universalism; heart;  Christian cross; Jewish star of David; Taoist symbol; Humanist, Buddhist, and peace symbols, and two others. Available at:


11" x 3" Included are symbols representing most of the major world religions, and including Kokopelli, a Native American symbol, Wicca, American Atheist and Unitarian Universalist symbols. Available at Also available as a mini-sticker 5.5" x 1.5" at:


11" x 3" Included is an interesting combination of symbols from the main world religions, the Unitarian Universalism chalice and flame, and an Egyptian Ankh symbol. Buried in the gender symbol is a scientific equation: e = mc2. Available at:

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  • Top ... has many funny, serious, and seriously funny religious-spiritual T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, magnets, stickers, posters, key chains, coffee mugs, caps, and more!" Examples are: "Who would Jesus execute?" "Who would Jesus refuse health care to?" and "End terrorism: reclaim religion from radical fundamentalists." See:

  • Love bumper sticker image sells high-vibration bumper stickers designed to raise the vibration of everyone who reads them. See:

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