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Religious freedom:

bulletAmnesty International fights on behalf of prisoners of conscience worldwide. They organize letter-writing campaigns to free people who have been unjustly incarcerated. They oppose the death penalty as "the ultimate cruel, in human and degrading punishment." See:
bulletThe Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Freedom (BJC) has completed 60 years of advocating religious liberty in the US. They are "committed to the twin concepts of Free Exercise and No Establishment found in the First Amendment." See:
bulletThe Center for Religious Freedom is a division of Freedom House. It "defends against religious persecution of all groups throughout the world. It insists that U.S. foreign policy defend Christians and Jews, Muslim dissidents and minorities, and other religious minorities in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran and Sudan." See:
bulletChristian persecution: US:
bulletOver a dozen conservative Christian legal groups exist to promote religious freedom of Christian individuals and groups. Some of their cases involve the religious liberty of Christian to discriminate against individuals on the basis of their religion, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. The National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination (NAACD) maintains a list of hyperlinks to these organizations at:
bulletEssays on the topic of persecution of Christians:
bulletKJOS Ministries at:
bulletPaul deParrie at:
bulletChristian persecution: Worldwide: There are a number of religious freedom groups which concerned with persecutions of Christians worldwide:
bulletChristian Freedom International at:
bulletInternational Christian Concern at:  
bulletThe National Committee For Amish Religious Freedom promotes religious freedom for the Amish at:  
bulletVoice of the Martyrs at:
bulletWorldwide Media Sources has a list of links titled: "Christian Persecution Watch" at:
bulletChristian Solidarity International is a Christian civil rights organization at:
bulletThe Christian Science Committee on Publication maintains a list of Committees on Publication by country and state. See:
bulletThe European Human Rights Centre promotes cooperation in Europe between organization and government officials, and by collaborating with similar associations throughout the world. They have 124 institutional members and 5,100 individual members. See:
bulletThe First Amendment Center of Vanderbuilt University has a fascinating WWW site promoting religious and other freedoms. See:
bulletThe First Freedom Center promotes freedom of religion, including the right of everyone to follow the religion of their choice, or to not follow any religion. See:
bulletForum18 in Oslo, Norway promotes "the implementation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and concentrates on serious and obvious breaches of religious freedom, and particularly on situations where the lives and welfare of individual people or groups are being threatened and where the right to gather around one's faith is being hindered." See:
bulletHuman Rights Watch monitors human rights worldwide. Their site is at
bullet The Institute for First Amendment Studies has a web site and and  periodical: "Freedom Writer" which criticizes efforts to restrict freedom of belief and freedom of assembly of some religious groups. See:
bulletThe Institute on Religion & Public Policy an international, inter-religious non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring freedom of religion as the foundation for security, stability, and democracy. The Institute works globally to promote fundamental rights, and religious freedom in particular, with government policy-makers, religious leaders, business executives, academics, non-governmental organizations and others. The Institute encourages and assists in the effective and cooperative advancement of religious freedom throughout the world. See:
bullet International Coalition for Religious Freedom "is a non-profit, non-sectarian, educational organization dedicated to defending the religious freedom of all, regardless of creed, gender, or ethnic origin. ICRF acknowledges with gratitude that, at the current time, it receives the bulk of its funding from institutions and individuals related to the Unification Church community." See:
bulletKeston Institute "monitors freedom of religion and researches religious affairs in communist and post-communist countries." See:
bullet Religious Freedom USA promotes religious freedom in the U.S. Their main project appears to be the promotion of the construction of the Park51 community center in New York City as a Muslim group dedicated to religious tolerance, freedom, and diversity. See:
bulletReligious Freedom Watch works to defend religious freedom for all. They are particularly concerned about anti-religious extremists. See:
bulletSectes, Un autre regard ("Cults, another look") is a French web site that promotes religious freedom for new religious and spiritual movements. See: AltaVista provides a translation service that can translate French web sites into English. See:
bulletUnesco's Management of Social Transformations Program (MOST) web site contains a section on religious rights and freedoms. See:
bulletU.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom monitors religious freedom outside the USA. They advise the executive and legislative branches of government on how best to promote it. See:
bulletU.S. religious liberties organizations: Legal organizations which fight court cases promoting freedom for all religions include:
bulletThe American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is the principal secular legal organization fighting constitutional maters. They focus particularly on 15 issues; many have ethical, spiritual and religious dimensions, including: Church and State, Cyber-Liberties, Death Penalty, Lesbian and Gay Rights and Reproductive Rights. They have created the Freedom Network. See: They also maintain a forum Constitution Hall on America Online (Keyword ACLU).
bulletThe Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is "a bipartisan and ecumenical, public-interest law firm that protects the free expression of all religious traditions." See:

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