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Tools and hints for webmasters

Part 1 of two parts

Registering site with search engines.

keyboard Registering your web site with search engines:

Having a Web site on the Internet is of no use unless you register it with search engines. Otherwise, the world will be unable to find you.

bullet How search engines work:
bullet SearchEngineWatch has a great deal of free information about how search engines work, how to submit your web site to search engines, etc. Very helpful.

bullet Goblet, a global marketing company located in Thailand, has a helpful essay on "why search engine marketing." It discusses how search engines are the best way for surfers to find web sites. See:

bullet Search Engine Optimization groups: SEO companies attempt to enhance the rating of web sites by search engines:

An amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) site is SEO Company at:

bullet Another SEO group is Search Engine Optimization services at:

bullet Taree Internet is a website design, logo design and SEO company at:

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bullet Popular search engines:

During 2016-AUG, ComScore Networks reported that the most popular search engines were:
bullet google logo Google™: 1,600 million unique monthly visitors
bullet Bing logo Bing™: 400 million visitors
bullet Yahoo logo Yahoo Search: 300 million visitors
bullet ASK logo ASK: 245 million visitors
bullet AOL logo AOL Search: 125 million visitors

WOW logo WOW 3: : 100 million visitors 

bullet Webcrawler logo Web Crawler: 65 million visitors


Mywebsearch logo My Web Search : 60 million visitors

bullet All the remaining search engines had fewer than 25 million visitors 

Since then, Google's market share has risen above 50%.

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bullet Some helpful registry services:

bulletTo register with Yahoo (one of the most popular of search engines), you first must search Yahoo and find a suitable location. e.g. Then you click on the "suggest a site" button on the bottom of that page, and fill out a form.

bulletTo register your home page with Google and a bunch of other search engines, fill out the following BraveNet form. Be certain to include your Email address correctly; some search engines check to make certain that the address is valid before they search your site:

Search Engine Submitter

Website URL:
Your Email:


Submit-Express submits your URL to six major search engines and to over two dozen meta-search engines. See:

bullet Easy Submit Scrub the Web offers a free meta tag analysis of a web page, and a free submission to 28 search engines, which they say handle about 99% of the search engine traffic. 

bullet Add Me! is a free service that allows you to submit a home page to 13 popular search engines and directories.

bullet HitBox Central is a free service that submits your URL to 17 search engines.

bullet bCentral offers a free service to submit your web site to Google, HOtBot, All The Web, and WebCrawler.

bullet Websquash offers a free service that will submit your web site to 30 search engines. For a fee of $13 they will submit your URL to over 600 search engines and give you a detailed SEO analysis with a step by step instructions to optimize your site. See: Free Web Submission

bulletAlexa toolbar:
bullet This is a free toolbar that you can add to your browser(s). You can also encourage your site visitors to do this as well. Alexa uses this to rank the popularity of Internet sites. Alexa states:

Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the Firefox and IE toolbars each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not.

Click this link for the toolbar:

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This topic is continued in the next essay.

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References used:

  1. John B. Horrigan, "Why it will Be Hard to Close the Broadband Divide," Pew Research Center, 2007-AUG-01, at:

  2. "Corporate information: Technology overview,", 2010, at:

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Latest update and review: 2014-MAY-26
Author: B.A. Robinson
Hyperlinks checked on: 2016-AUG-26

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