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Tools and hints for webmasters

Adding images, icons, graphics,
text etc. to your web site

Obtaining icons, clip art, photographs, website templates, and banners:


A number of web sites that provide images and photos -- some of which are free:

bullet Creations By Richie crafts inexpensive custom website banners of various sizes and styles. See:
bullet Can Stock Photo offers "professional royalty free stock photography at affordable prices," starting at $1.00. They have a data base of over 1 million images. See:
bullet Michaels Place has a selection of wallpaper, seamless tile backgrounds, links to graphic sites, etc. See:
bullet Layout Bank features thousands of low cost, professionally designed web templates, psd templates, flash templates, logo designs, etc. See:

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bullet Create FREE graphics at Flaming Text has a free program that generates custom-made banners with text, buttons, arrows, bullets, dividers, etc. See:
bullet offers hundreds of free buttons, and sells a CD containing thousands more. See:
bullet FreeWebTemplates offers thousands of free home page templates. See:
bullet is another free program. See:
bullet There are many web sites with hundreds of icons, images, bars, etc. See:
bullet Stock Free Images has almost a million inexpensive and free images at:
bullet Graphx Kingdom at:

bullet Icon Bazaar at:

bullet Cool Archive at:

bullet The Beeline has a list of links to graphic providers at:
bullet An article on "Creating Interest with Table Backgrounds" is at:
bullet PhotoSearch is a source of high quality, royalty-free stock images produced by more than fifty photography vendors. See:
bullet 3 Keys Website Templates has hundreds of design templates available for a modest cost that can be customized to reflect your wishes. See:
bullet Banners HQ has a list of links to banner creation web sites at:
bullet "Dev. the Web" has published the results of their banner ad placement study at:
bullet Susan Metalis of the WiseGorilla offers free educational clip art at:

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About the Favicon icon:

When you log into most of the larger Internet web sites with most of the recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Konqueror, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, or Safari browsers, you may have noticed a small icon displayed next to the URL and/or in your favorites menu. This is because the web designer has:
bullet Created an icon.
bullet Given it the name favicon.ico.
bullet Stored it with the rest of the web site's files, and
bullet Included a special coding at the very top of the <header> section of their home page:
<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="favicon.ico">
For more information, see:
bullet at
bullet IconCool at:
bullet Microsoft at:
To obtain an icon editor, go to, find the "what's here" box and search for icon editor.

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