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 Hate web sites: Summary,
anti-gay, &
Christian identity

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Most North Americans will find the content of the websites hyperlinked on this page to be offensive.

Some will also find this page to be offensive, and something that should not be included in a website promoting religious tolerance.

We provide the information because we feel that it is important to document how much religiously-motivated evil is out there.

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Hate groups summary:

The Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, AL issues a quarterly publication called "Intelligence Report." Their 2008-Spring issue contains a review of hate organizations in the U.S. They report a total of 888 hate group chapters currently active. They represent a 5% rise between 2006 and 2007, and a 48% rise since the year 2000.

Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and South Dakota have no hate groups listed. Maine, North Dakota, and Vermont have one each. The rest have two or more.

Their review lists:

bullet 155 Ku Klux Klan groups
bullet 207 Neo-Nazi groups
bullet 125 White supremacist or separatist groups
bullet 104 Neo-confederate groups dedicated to reviving "... many of the racist principles of the antebellum South."
bullet 90 Racist skinhead groups
bullet 90 General hate groups including anti-gay, anti-immigrant, holocaust denial, racist music, radical traditionalist Catholic and others
bullet 81 Black separatists "whose ideologies include tenets of racially based hatred."
bullet 36 Christian Identity groups who follow "...a religion that is fundamentally racist and anti-Semitic." They believe that "the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred peoples are the ten lost tribes of Israel." 1

The Intelligence Project has assessed the following web sites as either anti-gay or Christian Identity hate sites

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"Anti-gay" web sites listed by the Intelligence Project:

All of the anti-gay sites listed appear to be fundamentalist Christian in belief. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 19 of them. However most are sponsored by the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS.

bullet Abiding Truth Ministries at
bullet American Vision at
bullet Chalcedon Foundation at
bullet Family Research Institute at (not to be confused with the Family Research Council)
bullet Mass Resistance at
bullet Traditional Values Coalition at
bullet Watchmen on the Walls at
bullet Westboro Baptist Church at:
bullet etc.

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Active "Christian Identity" web sites listed by the Intelligence Project:

A brief quotation from Page 2 of Adam's Bible gives a flavor of the hatred and loathing found in much of the Christian Identity movement:

"I warn all of those who are blinded by birth and are therefore not of Adam's purest and unadulterated white Northern European flesh, do not turn this page one hair's breadth. This is a vision penned by God, which was meant only to be read and heeded by the blessed White Men and Women of this world, who are The Holy Race of God. All other races are of their Father, the Devil, and they are not meant to read The Holy Book for they are damned from birth." 2

The average life of a Christian Identity website appears to be measured in months. Many of the websites listed by the Intelligence Project in their 2008-Spring report were already offline by 2008-APR-05.

bullet Adam's Bible at
bullet American Reformation Ministries at
bullet America's Promise Ministries at
bullet Christian Research at
bullet Christian Separatist Church Society at  (requires a password)
bullet Covenant People's Ministry at
bullet Covenant Truth at
bullet Ecclesiastical Council for the Restoration of Covenant Israel at
bullet Faith Web at
bullet First Century Christian Ministries at
bullet Gospel Broadcasting Association at
bullet Gospel Ministries at
bullet Israel Elect at
bullet Kingdom Identity Ministries at
bullet Kinsman Redeemer Ministries at
bullet Mission to Israel at
bullet New Beginnings at
bullet Reformed Church of Israel at
bullet Scruptures for America at
bullet Serpent Seed at
bullet Stone Kingdom Ministries at
bullet United Church of YHWH at
bullet Virginia Publishing Company at
bullet Weisman Publications at
bullet Yahweh's Truth at

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See also a list of Holocaust denial, Radical
Traditionalist Roman Catholic & other hate groups

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References used:

  1. "Keltic Klan Kirk of YHVH," at:
  2. "Text of Adam's Bible," Adam's Bible at:

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Originally posted: 2008-APR-06
Latest update: 2008-APR-06

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