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 Web sites teaching holocaust denial, radical
traditionalist Roman Catholic, or other beliefs

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The Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center has assessed the following web sites as U.S. hate organizations.

We suspect that many North Americans will find the content of the websites hyperlinked on this page to be offensive.

Some will also find this page to be offensive, and something that should not be included in a website promoting religious tolerance.

We provide the information because we feel that it is important to document unpopular religiously-motivated beliefs that are out there.

Holocaust denial (a.k.a. revisionist) groups:

bullet Barnes Review / Foundation for Economic Liberty at
bullet Campaign for Radical Truth in History at
bullet Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust at
bullet The Eagle News Desk at
bullet Friedrich Paul Berg's '' at
bullet Holocaust Histography Project at
bullet Holocaust Revisionism in English  at
bullet Institute for Historical Review at
bullet International Conspiratological Association at
bullet Noontide Press at
bullet One Third of the Holocaust at
bullet The Piper Report at
bullet Reporters Notebook at
bullet The revisionist Clarion at
bullet The Revisionist Observer On-Line at
bullet Revisionists at
bullet The Sheeple Analyst: The Search for Holocaust Evidence at
bullet Theses & Dissertations Press at
bullet Zundelsite at

Active Radical Traditionalist Roman Catholic groups:

bullet Catholic Apologetics International at
bullet Catholic Family News at
bullet Culture Wars /Fidelity Press at
bullet Fatima Network at
bullet In the Spirit of Chartres Committee at
bullet Legion of St. Louis at
bullet Omni Christian Book Club at
bullet The Remnant Newspaper at
bullet Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at
bullet St. Joseph Forum at
bullet Tradition In Action at

Web sites listed as belonging to "0ther" hate groups:

bullet Army of God at an anti-abortion access, anti-gay, anti-birth control group.
bullet Bamboo Delight Company at an anti-semitic group.
bullet Chick Publications at publisher of tracts opposing abortion access, Catholicism, evolution, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witness, Masonic Order, Mormons, and Muslims.
bullet The French Connection at Anti-semitic
bullet Hate Crime Streetware at: Racist
bullet Kosher Tax at Anti-semitic.
bullet at Racist.
bullet Entry deleted pending study
bullet This is Zionism at Anti-semitic.
bullet Tony Alamo Christian Ministries at Anti-Catholic
bullet Wake up America !!! at Anti-semitic

See also a summary of hate groups, and list of anti-gay, Christian identity groups

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Originally posted: 2008-APR-06
Latest update: 2009-JAN-11

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