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Web sites containing
information about Islam

The Qur'an

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Individual Islamic web sites:

bullet has a number of helpful essays at:

bullet The Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project has a web site at: They have over 1800 books that you can browse for free.

bullet The Caltech Muslim Student Association (MSA) maintains an impressive web site at: It includes essays on Islam and many links to other Islamic WWW sites.

bullet The Canadian Society of Muslims has a home page at:

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bullet The Center for Inquiryhas a section on their web site dealing with Secular Islam. " See:

bullet Discover Islam is an extensive web site providing "authentic information about Islam and Muslims." See:

bulletEnber Masud has a free online book which "is an antidote to the less than objective and/or balanced media coverage of events which helped shape American perspectives of Islam and Muslims, and Muslims' perspectives of America." See: This is a PDF file.

bullet Fordham University's Internet Islamic History Sourcebook has an impressive array of hyperlinks to dozens of web sites on Islam. See

bullet Guided Ways has a "shopping store, free downloads, islamic videos, etc. See:
bullet "Harun Yahya: an invitation to the truth" is a website that promotes and publicizes the works of Harun Yahya, a prominent Turkish thinker and author. One of his specialties is creationism. See:
bullet HilalPlaza is a U/.S. based online retailer of Islamic merchandise. See:

bullet Homosexuality in Islam: Zafar Khan at has written an essay on this topic. See:

bullet The Institute of Islamic Information and Education provides "accurate information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization from authentic sources. See:

bullet The International Islamic News Agency (IINA) disseminates Islamic news in Arabic from its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. See: 

bullet The International Islamic Propagation Center (IIPC) is an Islamic TV channel on the Internet with programs in English and Urdu. See:

bullet has extensive links to Islamic news sources and other resources. They have a computer program, the Internet Muslim Companion, to help in surfing Islamic resources.

bullet IntoIslam is an English/Arab search engine. See:

bullet Iowa Muslims is a Muslim group in Iowa. See:

bullet is a comprehensive resource with hundreds of original articles. This web site may be offline.

bullet Islam and the Baha'i Faith is an online book by Abir Majid, an member of the Baha'i Faith. It promotes "a better understanding of the relationship between the Baha'i Faith and Islam, and to dispel some of the misconceptions which may have led to feelings of mistrust and suspicion." It is also availalable in Arabic. See:

bullet is an information and news source about Islam . Their "... primary purpose of Islamic-Awareness website is to educate Muslims about the questions and issues frequently raised by the Christian Missionaries and Orientalists." See:

bullet Islam-Guide features "A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam" at: It is intended for non-Muslims.

bullet The "Islamic Forum of Pakistan has a Facebook page at: at

bullet"IslamiCity" first went online during 1995-FEB -- two months before the web site, during the infancy of the Internet. They "provide a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims." They: "cultivate peace, inspire action, explore positive solutions and encourage purposeful living through the universal teachings of Islam. See:

Their web site contains a Bazar that lists a large collection of Islamic books, art, home decor, greeting cards, gifts, software, audio, video, etc. at promotes "awareness, trade and interaction between Muslims living in non-Muslim countries." They facilitate the exchange of "goods and services from other Muslims; be it individuals to individuals, business to individuals or business to business." See:

bullet Islamic Review provides an archive of the British publication by the same name from 1913 to the 1960s. See:
bullet Islamic Solutions provides "Education at its best -- for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Authentic. Unique. Powerful. Readable. Absorbing. Accessible." See:
bullet Islamic Supreme Council of America has numerous essays on Islam including "Ritual Prayer, Its meaning and manner" at:
bullet Islamic Voice carries news from the Islamic world. They have a FAQ essay about Islam at:

bullet "Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world" is an inclusive Web site that discusses Islam, its relationship to science, the role of women in Islam, comparison of Islam with other religions, and other topics. Of particular interest are a series of debates on various topics of interest to Muslims and Christians. See: On 2017-MAY-29, access to this web site was found to have been suspended.

bulletIslamicWeb has audio and video files, educational material, lists of Islamic organizations, etc. See:

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bulletIslam Today describes itself as "a podium for disseminating knowledge in an objective manner." It is written in Arabic but has a translating facility See:

bulletIslam Unveiled is a "beautiful site about Islam and Muslims." See:
bullet IsNet is a major Islamic site from Indonesia at: As of 2017-MAY-29, the site appears to be down for maintenance.
bullet is an independent information website on Islam. See:

bullet The Lasting Mircale [sic] is a information website from Kuwait at:

bulletMauritian Muslim is a Mauritian matrimonial service at:

bulletMiracles of Islam describes miracles performed by Allah, Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and which appear in the Qur'an etc. See: 

bullet Al Muhaddith Project has Islamic software, books, reading of the Qur'an, Prayer times, etc. See: http://www.muhaddith.ORG/

bulletMuslim Friends is a dating sites for Muslim singles, worldwide. See:

bulletMuslimsIn provides information and guidance to: those who have read about Islam and have recently converted, those who have read about Islam and are interested to know more, and those who converted to Islam and have been practicing for some time. See:

bulletThe Muslim Student Association at the University of West Virginia has an inclusive web site at:

bullet Pamphlets on Islam describing opposition to extremism are at: 

bulletPray-in-time provides an Islamic prayer time calculator for locations worldwide. Scroll down a page to reach material in English. See:

bullet A series of Questions and Answers on Islam in many languages is at:

bulletQuran Reading sets up live individual sessions via the Internet between a skilled Qur'an instructor and a student. See:
bulletQur'anic Studies publishes extensive series of essays on topics ranging from history, jihad, peace, science, psychology. etc. at

bullet The Religion of Islam web site has an enormous number of essays on Islam, covering such topics as: why Islam is Truth, its benefits, beleifs, the afterlife, Qur'an, etc. See:

bullet The Rennaisance is an monthly Islamic journal from Pakistan. See:

bulletThe Revival of Ilsmaic dawah at: 

bullet An archived copy of Ahmed Baki's "Sufism & Science" is at:

bulletThe Sunnah Islamic Page is at:

bullet ThoughtCo has an essay on the Qur'an. See: They discus beliefs and teachings of Islam at:

bulletTopMuslimFourms publishes a list of the top 40 Muslim forums, based on page rank, numbers of postings, visitors and threads, etc. See:

bullet "The true religion: An invitation to discover Islam," has about 200 clearly-worded essays on Islam at: It appears to be offline.

bulletUnderstanding Islam answers questions that its readers send in. See:


The Way To Truth: Discover Islam is an attractive web site with dozens of essays on a variety of topics. They publish a periodical, "The Fountain."

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Last update: 2017-MAY-29
Hyperlinks checked: 2017-MAY-29
Author: B. A. Robinson

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