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Links to Muslim websites selling
books, clothing, cards, etc.

Sponsored link.

Books, software, gifts, clothing, etc.:

bullet 2 or 3 or 4 is an Islamic polygamy dating site. The title comes from the tradition in Islam that a man can marry up to four wives, as long as he is able to treat them equally See:
bullet AAB provides womens clothing that balances "... comfort with luxury and modsty; the practical with the desirable." See:
bullet The Aishah Islamic Shop designs and ships Hijab, underscarves, sleves, and other Muslim clothing for women worldwide. See:
bullet Al-Hijaab Islamic Clothing creates jilbabs with a modern fashion statement, continuously keeping to the rules of modesty and have provided a service to clients throughout the world. See:
bullet Damaceen sells Islamic clothes, Abaya, Hijab, Galabia, Scarves, Shawls, Prayer clothes, all accessories and Islamic gift items. See:
bullet EverythingIslamic sells Islamic clothing for women - Hijab, Hijab pins, Attar Perfumes, Arabian perfume oils, Islamic gift Items, hand bags etc. See:
bullet is a major source of Islamic clothing, prayer accessories, etc. They also sell books on Islam and the Arabic language. See:
bullet Ilm Shopping has a broad range of products available, including clothing, books, jewelry, cards, gifts, etc. See:
bullet Islamic Hands is an international non-governmental agency (NGO) working in over 40 countries worldwide to help persons affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. See
bullet Islamic Jewelry World sells a broad range of Islamic jewelry, perfumes, gifts, etc. See
bullet Islamic Playground sells Arabic games, Islamic crossword puzzles, other games, etc. See:
bullet Muslim Photos has a picture gallery of almost 3,000 photographs taken from all over the Middle East. See:
bullet Muslim Toys & Dolls sells a broad range of toys and dolls with a Muslim theme. Included are backpacks, bracelets, books, neclaces, pendants, etc. See: Muslim Toys & Dolls
bullet The Online Islamic Store sells videos, books, perfumes, prayer rugs, clocks, etc. They sell subscriptions to "The Message" publication. See:
bullet Saif Modesty sells Islamic clothing designed to comply with Muslim dress code. They have a full range of modest womenswear, menswear and childrens clothing available from small to plus size. See:
bullet has created 'The Complete Islamic Store.' They offer thousands of products, including Islamic books, software, tapes, CDs, videos, gifts, ornaments, clothing and Islamic 'essentials'. See
bullet Ummah Life sells a wide range of products, including digital Qur'ans, paintings, wall clocks, devices to detect Qibla -- the direction towards the Kabbah in Mecca -- from anywhere in the world, etc. See: or
bullet Zahra sells Islamic clothes and many other items such as Ehram, Perfumes, Kaftan, Jilbabs, Prayer Rugs etc. Their main site is at: Zahras boutique catalog is at: Their newest additions are at:

Matrimonial agency:

Muslim Matrimonial provides "quality services for Muslims seeking a life partner the world over." Their site also has articles on Islam, a poll, a place where you can post questions about Islam with Islamic advisors, etc. See:

Greeting cards:

bullet This website features, for free, a selection of unique cards, to celebrate many seasonal Islamic events. See:
bullet This site has free cards for Ramadan, for other Islamic days of celebration and general greetings. See:
bullet has a "selection of some unique [Ramadan greeting] cards, celebrating this special period of intense prayer..." at:
bullet Ecard4all has a wide selection of Ramadan cards. See:

These listings are provided at no charge.
To have your website or group considered
for inclusion, please Email us.

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Originally posted: 2005-MAY-07
Latest update: 2011-JAN-25
Author: B.A. Robinson

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