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An series of essays donated by R.C. Symes


A discussion of the Jesus Myth Theory (JMT)
which proposes that Jesus, as portrayed in the
Bible, and taught by essentially all Christian
faith groups probably did not exist.

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About this essay:

Was Jesus for real? Was Jesus a real person in history or just a mythical figure? Was he a god-man who was born about 4 BCE, acclaimed as the Christ (Messiah) and died about 30 CE in Roman Palestine? Or was Jesus Christ, as some mythicists claim, a supernatural being with human attributes dwelling solely in the heavenly sphere who never came to earth, but was revealed to the earliest believers by means of visions and interpretations of the Scriptures?

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Topics covered in this section:

  • A series of essays donated by R.C. Symes:
    • Part 1: Searching for Jesus in the earliest Christian Scriptures. Source of Paul's information on Jesus. Oral accounts about Jesus? Paul's trip
      to outer space. Was James the brother of Jesus? Hidden messages in scriptures. Paul's conception of Jesus. Jesus' heavenly career.

    • Part 2: Paul didn't know a Jesus of Nazareth. Was Paul's revelation same as other apostles? Christ's birth, baptism, miracles, resurrection stories & other details of Jesus' life in Paul?

    • Part 3: Why does Paul write so few details about Jesus' life. The need for the Gospels. Source of Gospel writers' info. on Jesus. Are Jesus' biographies fiction? Non-biblical records of Jesus' life.

    • Part 4: Jewish silence about Jesus. References about Jesus by Josephus and the Romans. Conclusions.

    • Part 5: A listing of books dealing with the CMT (Christ Myth Theory).

  • An essay donated by Susan Humphreys:

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Originally posted: 2014-NOV-12
Last updated 2014-NOV-20
Author: R.C. Symes
& Susan Humphreys
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