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Blood libel, host desecration, ritual
murder, & other largely anti-semitic fables

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Quotation from an American, 19th century Vice-consul:

bullet"A most barbarous secret for a long time suspected in the Jewish last came to light in the city of Damascus, that of serving themselves of Christian blood in their unleavened bread...a secret which these 1,840 years must have made many unfortunate victims."  Jasper Chasseaud, US vice-consul, Beirut, Lebanon, 1840 CE.

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This section links together one basic lie that has been used by many groups to justify persecution of religious minorities:

bulletMyths used during the Pagan persecution of the early Christian movement,

bullet Lies against Jews spread (and sometimes opposed) by the Christian church,

bulletPropaganda used by Nazis during the Shoa (Nazi holocaust),

bulletThe recent Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax,

bulletAnti-semitic myths currently spread by some Muslim sources, and

bulletOther similar "blood libel" myths.

We do not wish to imply that persons perpetrating one of these myths is/was aware of their linkage to past persecutions. The perpetrators probably believe/believed that their cause was just, and that their beliefs, however deluded, were true.

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Topics covered in this section:

bulletThe blood libel myth: 1st century BCE to now
bulletBlood libel & host desecration accusations against Jews: 1144 CE to now
bulletOther anti-semitic fables. Current status of the blood libel myth
bullet"Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

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Recommended books:

bulletWilliam Nichol, "Christian Antisemitism: A History of Hate," Aronson, (1995). You can see reviews and/or order this book from

bulletDan Cohn-Sherbok, "The Crucified Jew: 20 centuries of Christian Anti-Semitism," Eerdmans (1992). Review/order it?

bulletJonathan Frankel, "The Damascus Affair : 'Ritual Murder', Politics, and the Jews in 1840," Cambridge University Press, (1997). Review/order it

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  1. Jasper Chasseaud, Letter to John Forsyth (1840-MAR-24, no. 12), microfilm 367, State Department archives, U.S. National Archives. Quoted in: Jonathan Frankel, "'Ritual Murder' in the Modern Era: The Damascus Affair of 1840," Jewish Social Studies Volume 3, Number 2, at:
  2. "A Calendar of Jewish Persecution," at "HearNow," a Messianic Judaism web site. See:
  3. "Classical and Christian Anti-Semitism," at:
  4. Paul Johnson, "A History of Christianity," Athenaeum, New York, NY, (1976), Page 490
  5. Arnold Leese, "Jewish Ritual Murder," Nazi propaganda by the "Father of British National Socialism." Available from Renaissance Press, a Neo-Nazi group at:
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