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An essay donated by James Peter Jandu

Jungle Justice and Lynch Mob
Mentality. Causes and cures.

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I was born in Mbale, Uganda and relocated to the UK in 1980. At times, I am ashamed to identify with my nation of birth.

When Westerners view uncivilized scenes of violent mob justice in developing countries, it perpetuates the stereotype of Africa as a backward continent where jungle justice is acceptable. We are shocked at viewing images of people bludgeoned by lynch mobs; this is not the image that Africa should be portraying to the world. Actions have consequences, and a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

Civilized societies are distinctly dissimilar to uncivilized societies. If a nation claims to be civilized, it should behave so. Civilized progressives societies with sound principles promote freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion or leave one without fear of punishment, equality for women and equality for minorities. It is a society where there is no discrimination, no sexism, no racism and where all are respected and protected. Any truly healthy, active and progressive society permits people the right to make personal choices, and it supports them in their choices. Simple.

Envisage a society where every citizen took the law into their own hands and arbitrarily used violence against each other. Society would rapidly disintegrate into lawlessness since the laws are there just for decoration. A sound legal system is critical to maintaining stability and progress.

Undisciplined people instinctively react, while others thoughtfully respond. Individuals must take responsibility by responding rather than indiscriminately resorting to knee-jerk reactions. When we are offended, our natural inclination is to fight back, to get even. It goes without saying that this response, though entirely human, is almost always a mistake. Mindless revenge is the sign of a savage nature. Self-control is a sign of intelligence. It is a case of brains verses brawn. Intelligent people use their brain power; primitive people resort to physical power.

Radical Islamic extremists use violence and the sword instead of intellect, because they lack an intellectual approach. Stop thinking like the brainless Islamic State, who seek sadistic pleasure and a warped sense of justice from beating, humiliating and torturing people.

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Culture is not an excuse. Primitive and erroneous culture must evolve in line with global progress. Remaining in the dark ages of reason and rationality is not a sign of intelligence. Past western cultures previously practiced behaviors not considered ethical in modern society. Narrow mindedness is slowly eradicating and progressive thinking activated. Appealing to the recent decisions made by a previous generation is a marriage from hell. It’s appalling when women choose to remain in marriages where domestic violence is a regular occurrence. There is a time to divorce from the past to progress.

Feeling offended is not an excuse for indiscriminate violence. Weak minds are easily offended. You may feel offended by the behavior of others, but two wrongs don't make a right. Once the root of bitterness finds a home in heart, the individual drinks poison, hoping their enemy dies.

It is shameful how there still exist people who discriminate others based on gender, race, sexuality and economics. The human race has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. Civilizations with mob justice cannot survive; it preserves societies in the dark ages. Official policing and systems of law are the best method of governing a nation, not jungle justice.

It’s one thing to proclaim, “Christ is the answer” but then turn around and trust destructive solutions to problems. In the Jesus story, he is unmistakably non-violent. When the religious right presented Jesus with a woman caught in the very act of adultery, the baying lynch mob wanted to witness a stoning. Jesus proceeds to annihilate the hateful doctrine of the theology graduates that had assembled. Just envisage this solemn assembly as he gracefully takes charge of the proceedings. There was no condemnation, just the simple words,

“Then neither do I condemn you, go now and sin no more John 8:7”.

Pure, undiluted empathy. He that us without sin should cast the first stone and throw the first punch.

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The cure is a fresh realization of the principle of forgiveness. According to the Bible, wrong decisions are not a trivial matter and so they do not require your selfish, self-righteous efforts to deal with them, they require a realistic solution that produces lasting transformation.

Retaliating hatefully and aggressively, in the name of religion and worse still ‘in the name of Jesus’, backfires and amounts to shooting yourself in the foot. Many a religious person has piously claimed they “love the sinner but hate the sin.” Christians said the same thing when they burnt witches, innocent women, in medieval times. That type of language sounds a tad patronizing, reeking of superficial kind-heartedness that masks a smug sense of superiority. It is this mind set that has resulted in unmeasurable hurt, pain, suffering, and even death.

Genuine unconditional love empowers people not to live in offence, de fence or pretence. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

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Original posting: 2016-MAR-26
Latest update : 2016-MAR-26
Author: James Peter Jandu

His web site is called Xplore, and is located at:

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