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"Please God, Help My God."


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Lambros Lambrou would like to see an annual World Faith Day established when persons from all of the world's faiths would shake hands in friendship.

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Please God, Help my God

Glaciers are melting, seas are rising,
But of course it’s not surprising.
We strip the land, pollute the seas,
Poison the air to fulfill our needs.
We burn the forest at a rapid pace;
No more use is left a barren place.

The Earth quakes and mountains tumble;
Makes mighty Man feel very humble.
Is this how God shows his displeasure
With man, killing his greatest treasure?
With avid greed man takes and takes,
Yet never learns from his mistakes.

If Christian prays and with the Jew,
Together with the Moslem too
On the same day, at the same time,
I’ll pray to your God; you to mine
In the language of our own land;
‘Please God, help my God, lend a hand.’

If we also bring in our midst
The Hindu, Sikh and the Buddhist,
The Zoroastrians,
The Shinto and the Taoist,
To pray together, in every land,
‘Please God, help my God, lend a hand.’

Then if in prayer we all unite
The Gods may combine all their might,
To change man’s ways before it’s too late
And leaves the world dead and desolate.
So all the faiths pray hand in hand
‘Please God, help my God, lend a hand.’

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Copyright © deposit Certificate #001230
Originally posted: 2005-DEC-05
Latest update: 2005-DEC-05
Author: Lambros Lambrou

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