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The newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. LDS, or the Mormon Church) produced a short 10 minute 42 second video titled "Mormon Myths and Reality." It is intended to dispel many of the myths that have grown up around the LDS.


This official LDS video was placed on YouTube on 2008-JAN-15. By 2009-JUL-22, it had received 52,103 views. Viewers rated the video with 4.5 stars out of 5, and posted 2.678 comments.

Matt Stone posted the following comment on his blog "Global Christianity:"

"This video, Mormon Myths and Reality, is an introduction to Mormonism from a Mormon perspective. If I have a criticism it is that the speakers pass over many of the more controversial Mormon teachings - the authority of alternative scriptures like the Book of Mormon, the teaching that God was once a man, the teaching that Jesus traveled to America, the rejection of the Trinity. Nevertheless I think it is important to consider their side of the story." 2

A second video that was produced independently of the LDS church is titled "Myths of the Mormon Church. True or False?" It is a powerpoint type of presentation with no video.


This video was posted by FAQMormon on 2007-FEB-25. By 2009-JUL-22, it had received 23,735 views. Viewers rated the video with 4.5 stars out of 5, and posted 28 comments.

The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR):

FAIR is an agency "... dedicated to providing well-documented answers to criticisms of LDS doctrine, belief and practice." They are a non-profit group that is largely volunteer-based and operates independently of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 4

The word "apologetic" in their name does not imply that FAIR is apologizing for their beliefs and practices. In the field of religion, an apologist is a person "... who defends Christianity against intellectual objections. In early church history, the Greek apologists were Christian leaders from approximately 130 to 180 A.D. who wrote treatises in Greek defending Christianity against attacks by pagan philosophers." 5

The apologetic tradition continues today in all wings of Christianity. For example, InterVarsity Press, Zondervan, and other publishers produce books which describe the full range of evangelical Christian beliefs about important religious topics. In each of these books, a few leading evangelical Christian writers explain their personal views on a specific topic, and critique each others beliefs as being false. It is worth noting that each of the authors is intelligent, sincere, serious, devout, thoughtful theologian and is quite confident that their own belief is the only one that is biblically based. Yet, the authors' conclusions conflict with each other. And, of course, they would generally differ from the conclusion of a Mormon apologist, even though all base their beliefs mainly on the Bible.

FAIR offers a wide range of services:

  • a monthly journal distributed free via Email.
  • a free daily report on media articles on the LDS church.
  • an "ask the apologist" service which attempts to give answers posted by the public.
  • a blog.
  • a bookstore.
  • FAIR papers and brochures, including a free downloadable publications on anti-Mormon counter-cult movement (CCM) authors.
  • an annual conference.
  • an enormous number of essays on various topics such as:
    • Polygyny, plural marriage, and the Mormon Church.
    • Conflicts between the Book of Mormon's history of American Aborigionals and DNA evidence.
    • Conflicts between the Book of Mormon, church history and Egyptology.
    • Racism in the church and past restriction on African Americans.
    • The LDS church's promotion of California's Proposition 8 to prevent future same-sex marriages in the state.
    • An analysis of the anti-Mormon movie "The God Makers."

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A personal website:

Ronnie Bray, who has a degree from Leed's University's Department of Theology & Religious Studies, has created a website titled: "Why do they lie to me about Mormonism?" He is referring to individuals and groups in the counter-cult movement (CCM) who attack the LDS church. He suggests that they frequently use dishonest, untruthful means to do so.

The CCM is primarily composed of fundamentalist and other evangelical Christians who follow a very strict definition of "Christianity." They recognize most other evangelical faith groups as fellow Christians. All or essentially all consider The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to be a sub-Christian, quasi-Christian or anti-Christian cult. Many regard liberal Christian denominations, progressive Christians, the Roman Catholic Church, etc. to be non-Christian.

Googling the words truth about mormons returns about 703,000 hits. Alarge majority are CCM web sites -- at least on the first few pages of hits. The others are primarily by Mormon apologists.

Most CCM individuals and groups believe that members of cults are unsaved and thus will be relegated to eternal torture in Hell after death unless they leave the cult, repudiate their earlier beliefs, accept the CCM's definition of Christian, and become saved. These beliefs heavily motivate persons in the CCM to try to save as many cult members as possible. Sometimes, they have been known to resort to bending or even fracturing the truth in order to attack wha they view as cult beliefs. Examples of misinformation in their treatment of the Wiccan religion and other Neopagan religions are described elsewhere in this website. Nowdays, their favorite target seems to be the LDS church.

Bray writes:

"I am not the the only victim of misinformation, deliberate and otherwise, about Mormonism.  Anti-Mormons spread their dangerous tentacles far and wide without concern for their victims." 

"I have spent a small fortune buying books, pamphlets, videos, CDs, DVDs, attending Anti-Mormon Conferences, corresponding with people that promise to tell all, be honest, but who either will not or can not stand for honest interrogation about their practices, etc, but I have never received a satisfactory answer to the most simple question.   The common response to questions they find 'too hot to handle' is for them to shoot another lie at me without addressing or resolving the previous one, and after a time they do not answer their mail."  

"I have had correspondence with Anti-Mormons at considerable length.  A few have talked themselves into corners by contradictions and have been forced by their realisation of just how dishonest they have been to break down and confess openly that they have, as one ex-Mormon anti-Mormon wrote to me, "been less than honest about my time with the Mormons ..."  His letter rests in my study in the large file under his name and the name of the outfit that used his distorted testimony to sell their trashy books."  

"Other anti-Mormons mount their sturdy steeds and ride off into the gathering gloom, never to be heard from again.  Some have begged off, and I have had mercy on them, yet they have continued to publish what they must know are untruths and distortions.  I have not returned to combat them because I gave my word as they gave theirs, but the difference is that I kept mine. So, their misinformation remains on the shelves of your local Christian book shops to deceive and mislead the unwary and gullible." 6

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The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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Originally posted 2009-JUL-22
Latest update: 2010-JUN-08
Author: B.A. Robinson

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