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An essay contributed by Bill McKeen

Part 2: Theological Musing: My Search for Truth

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This series of theological musings is continued from the previous essay.

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18. Phantom Music:

It was closing time at the Church where I worked part time. The church organist and I were walking together in the enclosed walkway between two buildings. I thought I could hear music, which was surprising because I am severely hearing impaired. I looked at him and inquired, he said he could hear it as well. I said," There must be someone rehearsing in one of the other rooms". He replied, " No, there is nobody else in the buildings. We just looked at each other
perplexed and moved on.

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19. Quantum:

Quantum logic with its double slit experiment has proved that with observation and focus you can increase the probability of making a thing happen. Prayer falls into that category. However, by focusing on the one you lose sight of the other. For example, focus on the tree you lose sight of the forest. Focus on the forest you lose sight of the tree. An even better example, focus on God you lose sight of reality. Focus on reality you lose sight of God. The extreme differential of the latter example can be found in the writings of both C.S. Lewis and A.Schopenhauer. The following is but a small sample.

  • A.Schopenhauer: "Nature is indifferent to the destruction of the individual, but careful to ensure the maintenance of the species"

  • C.S. Lewis: "You cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad."

  • A. Schopenhauer: "One cannot serve two masters, so it must be either reason or Holy Scripture.

  • C.S.Lewis: "Free will, though it makes evil possible, is the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having."

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20. Paradox:

Without God, Satan would not be known.
Without Satan, God would not be known.
With two together there is something.
With one alone there would be nothing.

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21. Afterthought:

After 40 days in the wilderness Jesus did not say to the devil, "I will destroy thee." Instead he replied, " Get thee behind me, Satan" and when it was all said and done, the devil departed to await another time or season.

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22. The Road to Damascus:

Many biblical scholars believe the Pauline Epistles predated the four Gospels. Why did the apostle Paul, the nearest contemporary of Jesus, always speak to the spirit of the word and not sometimes to the letter of the word? The Epistles and early letters makes no mention of extraordinary events in the life of Jesus, nor is there any reference to his words, prayers and parables.

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23. Holy Bible:

In the letter of the Word I stumble. In the spirit of the Word I glide.

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24. The Gift of Faith:

Born again Christian. Simple, narrow minded and free. "My yoke is easy, my burden is light".

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25. In The Circle:

As the building monitor, I had just completed my rounds locking down the Church for the night. The main event for that evenings was a contemporary service biased towards the younger crowd. Doors locked, lights out, I entered the parking lot and saw a group of young college students in a circle with heads bowed and arms around each other. Obviously in prayer. 1 This sight made a indelible impression on me.

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26. Prayer:

Things of the "Here and Now" can not be changed. God and his laws of nature are at work; but for things far and away the Holy Spirit will work its magic. Make your petition and plant your seed. Set your sail in the direction you want and wait. More times than not, God's grace will come unto thee.

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27. Credibility:

The value of an opinion is dependent on creditability of the person giving it. The same words of wisdom spoken by three different people will register differently. If spoken by a fool or someone you know, it will be dismissed. If it comes from an unknown source or anonymously you may ponder it. If it comes from someone you respect and admire you will probably gobble it up.

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Without pain or suffering how can we grow spiritually? This must be the price we have pay. Over the long haul things will level out -- either in this life, orĀ the next one. Along with all living species, we have no control over our destiny. Our seed is planted where it is planted. All our sins will be acknowledge then eventually wiped clean. With the greatest of all sins being in the hurt we may have caused others and in how it is we made them feel.

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  1. Above verses without gender bias quoted from The Preacher of Ecclesiastes, (KJV)

  2. If any of the written material above looks familiar, then it is coincidental. ("except where noted") I believe that there nothing in this world that has not been said before in one way or another. Still, I like to think that everyone has a little different stroke when it comes to using the same paint brush.

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