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You have reached the ReligiousTolerance.org web site but we can't find the essay that you want.

Sometimes, the Internet just hiccups and refuses to take you to the essay that you seek. You might try going back and clicking on the hyperlink again.

Other times, we don't have an essay with the exact URL that you specified.

You may be able to spot the error:

bullet The URL might have had a dash ("-") in place of an underline ("_"). We have only one of the former but hundreds of the latter.
bullet The URL might be capitalized, as in Christ.htm All of the file names in our web site are in lower case letters
bullet The URL might have an incorrect extension as in christ.html All of our files have the extension .htm

Special request:

A very large number of our visitors are landing up on this "sorry about" message. Apparently, a lot of people are trying to access one or more essays on our site that no longer exist.

We have no way of telling which essay has been lost. Can you please E-mail some information to us

bullet The URL of the essay that you were seeking. It would look something like: http://www.religioustolerance.org/xxxx.htm
bullet Where you were coming from when you arrived here: from another location within our web site, a search engine, another web site? The more details the better!

We are keen to find out what the "xxxx" is so that we can fix the problem. Our visitors are currently experiencing over 1,000 bad hyperlinks a day!


B.A. Robinson

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