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The personal experiences of a
woman who obtained an abortion

An essay donated by Marliz Olmos-Armas

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There I was 18 years old, just starting college, just starting life. There I was pregnant. Not pregnant by a loving, wonderful man but I was pregnant by a man that mentally abused me. It was a relationship in which I was held hostage. I could not break free from him for fear that he would kill himself & me. He had threatened my life many times & even when I tried, I could not break free of the hold he had on me.

I knew in my heart that I could not have this baby. I knew that this child would grow up in an unstable environment. It's father didn't love me, I was a possession, not a person. This child would keep me forever connected to him. How could I live a life filled with abuse? What should I do? What kind of future would I have? What would be the future of this child?

As I entered the abortion clinic I could hear the protestors in the street screaming, pleading--"
Don't kill your baby". It touched me, I could leave. BUT would these protestors be there the rest of my life? Would they help me raise my baby? Would they deal with the abusive father of this child? Would they die for me If the father of this child killed me as he said he would? NO! I would never see these people again. This was my CHOICE! This was my LIFE! I had to do what I thought was right.

There I was about to have an abortion. I was so scared, I was so alone. Yet, I will never forget what I felt when the procedure was over....PEACE. It was a peace that I had never before experienced. I stood up & walked out of that clinic a free woman. I was happy again & I was free. I had been given a second chance at life. I was now free to escape this abusive relationship & I DID.

I am now living my second chance with a wonderful man & two beautiful children. I am happy, I am at peace & I am free!

If there is a little girl or young woman in your life & you love her we must give her the option of a second chance. If you do not believe in abortion then that is your choice. It is not our right to force a woman to have a baby that she is not ready for. A woman should always have the right of choice! I vow to support the abortion rights of women.

This was my story/

Marliz Olmos-Armas

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Originally posted: 2006-JAN-21
Latest update: 2006-JAN-21
Author: Marliz Olmos-Armas

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