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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) &
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID):

Viewed as an intentionally
induced disorder. #4 of 5 views

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Please read the overview to MPD / DID before tackling this essay.


As the name implies, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) -- since 1994 called Dissociative Identity Disorder -- is a mental condition in which two or more personalities appear to inhabit a single body. 

There have been five main conflicting views about MPD. This essay will describe MPD as a intentionally induced disorder for criminal purposes. This belief has never been widely accepted by mental health professionals; they generally view MPD/DID as an iatrogenic (physician induced) disorder that does not appear in nature.

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MPD intentionally induced, generally by Satanic groups:

At first, MPD therapists and counselors regarded the disorder as a unexpected consequence of extreme abuse during childhood. But a minority went further and found what they believed to be evidence of deliberately induced MPD. They developed a theory that "mind-control cults" systematically used techniques of ritual abuse and/or Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) in order to actually create MPD in children.

Bob Larson estimates that:

"An estimated 25 to 60% [sic] multiples have been subjected to ritual torture, sodomy, and mutilation.  Conservative projections of ritual survivals have reached 100,000 in the United States alone." 1

The Los Angeles County Task Force on Ritual Abuse describes programming as follows:

"Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders." 2

The Task Force lists techniques commonly used by the cult, which include:

bulletphysical abuse: starvation, thirst, pain, drugs, exhaustion, physical isolation, sexual abuse, disorienting bright lights.
bulletemotional abuse: the creation of moods of terror, guilt, shame, emotional isolation and rage.
bulletcognitive abuse: being kept in a state of ignorance, confusion.
bulletspiritual abuse: being taught that God has abandoned them and that Satan is in control.

It was believed that some women within Satanic cults became pregnant often, in order to maintain a supply of newborns to the cult for abusive purposes and/or human sacrifice. They would be delivered by doctors within the cult. Their births were not registered, so that there would be no record of them having existed. Other infants were kidnapped for abuse or murder. Some investigators believed that the cults maintained large, baby-breeding concentration camps. Teenage runaway women were repeatedly raped there; babies born were transported across North America to satisfy the continual need of the cults for infants. Children were believed to have been tested at an early age for dissociative ability so that those who passed could be systematically abused and carefully programmed in order to generate MPD.

D.W. Neswald, et al, has listed some common programs, which they believe have materialize as alters:

bulletSelf-injury:  self-cutting, burning, poisoning, breaking one's own bones.
bulletLethal: suicide, assassination of others on command.
bulletCult control: programs that force the victim to report back to the cult; programs that recall vows given to the cult.
bulletTherapy Interference: programs to:
bulletConfuse or overwhelm the victim during therapy.
bulletCause alters who have been integrated into the main personality to dissociate again.
bulletSupply standard answers to a therapist's questions.
bulletPrevent the patient from talking during therapy.
bulletOverwhelm the patient with nightmares.
bulletIsolate, wall-off certain cult-loyal alters from other alters.
bulletRe-experience pain memories which were part of their abuse.
bulletCause the patient to rapidly switch among various alters. 3
bulletA common belief is that the cults create at least one alter which would become a Satanist in adulthood. That alter would have the responsibility of continuing the cult into the next generation through intentionally induced MPD. In this way, the cult would continue inter-generationally forever. Those children found with a low level of dissociative ability were not programmed; they were ritually sacrificed and their bodies disposed of.

The list of organized perpetrators grew to include cults associated with criminal gangs, twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, other self-help mutual support groups, The Society of Friends (the Quakers) and other religious groups, the Masonic Order, illegal mind-control groups within secret government agencies, etc.

These beliefs appear to have largely abandoned since the mid 1990s in North America. In spite of almost two decades of active searching, investigations by law enforcement officers had been unable to uncover any hard evidence that such practices have ever existed. The only supporting evidence are the recovered "memories" of persons who have undergone Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT), either by therapists, within self-help groups or by personal self-hypnosis. With the nearly complete abandonment of RMT, "memories" are now rarely recovered.  Without tangible evidence, it is difficult to sustain such a belief system for more than a decade.

References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "MPD and Satanic Ritural [sic] Abuse (SRA)," Bob Larson Ministries, at: http://www.boblarson.org/
  2. "Ritual Abuse," Los Angeles County Commission for Women: The Ritual Abuse Task Force, Los Angeles CA (1991)
  3. D.W. Neswald, et al., "Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse,"  The California Therapist, 1991-Sept./Oct. At: http://www.xroads.com/

Copyright ? 1998 to 2009, by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 1998-JAN-11
Last updated on 2009-SEP-13

Author: B.A. Robinson

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