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A number of faith groups have been founded in North America. Native spirituality dates back to pre-historic time. Most of the recent groups started as breakaway sects from Christianity, and later evolved into separate Christian churches. Others are considered non-Christian religions:

Name of Group Approximate Membership in the U.S.
Black Muslim groups Unknown
Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Scientist) Unknown. They have a policy of secrecy in this area.
The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) 4.3 million
Church of Scientology 8 million worldwide
Jehovah's Witnesses 975 thousand (5.6 million worldwide; 1997)
Metropolitan Community Churches 25 thousand
Native spirituality (various traditions) 42 thousand (Note 1)
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 150 thousand
U.S. Satanic groups: (Church of Satan, Temple of Set*) 25 thousand; a guess (Note 2)
Unitarian Universalist Association 140 thousand

Note 1: Many natives follow a combination of Christianity and traditional Native Spirituality; they have probably not been included in this total.

Note 2: Teen-age "dabblers" not included. Accurate data cannot be obtained for this religion. 

Data were taken from the 1994 World Almanac unless otherwise noted.

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