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Religiously-motivated hatred, conflict,
intolerance, oppression, unjustified
discrimination, extremism, etc.

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See also two closely related sections which
discuss other dark sides of religion -
one less serious; one more serious:

Religiously motivated hatred, animosity and intolerance

Religiously motivated violence, murder, terrorism, mass murder & genocide

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Quotation (repeated elsewhere because we are so fond of it):


A man told his grandson: "A terrible fight is going on inside me -- a fight between two wolves. One is evil, and represents hate, anger, arrogance, intolerance, and superiority . The other is good, and represents joy, peace, love, tolerance, understanding, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, and compassion. This same fight is going on inside you, inside every other person too."
The grandson then asked: "Which wolf will win?"

The old man replied simply:  "The one you feed."  Anon.

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Topics covered in this section:


Religiously motivated conflicts, oppression, etc.

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Root causes & examples of religiously-motivated violence, conflict, oppression, etc.
bullet Basic information: Intolerance in the Bible; past events; current status
bullet A new word for religious oppression & discrimination: "religism"

bullet "Religism" as defined on the Internet


Four essays donated by Susan Humphreys:

bullet An essay donated by Rabbi Allen S. Maller: "God's commandment against religious extremism"
bullet Basic information: Intolerance in the Bible; past events; current status

Overview of religiously motivated conflict of all types:

Around the world: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Europe, Russia, The rest of the world. < Sadly, a big section

North American religiously motivated conflicts:

Various examples: Conflict over the 2016 elections, Same-sex marriage, Abortion access, U.S. Government bigotry in the Air Force Academy, Veterans' Admin., and Chaplain corps. Religious boycotts, harassment, hate crimes, hate speech, oppression, banning student clubs in schools, Christmas time conflicts, radical Muslim group(s) in U.S. Prisons., building a new telescope in Hawaii, Conflict over the meaning of the word "sex" in the etc.

Religious misinformation and frauds:

bullet Various topics: Fraudulent books, Halloween, Urban legends, Misconceptions. Charitable giving.

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Hate-based American religious organizations:

bullet The Creativity Movement (formerly the World Church of the Creator: a racist and homophobic group
bullet Christian Reconstructionism: a pro-slavery, homophobic movement
bullet Christian Identity: a racist and homophobic group

End of the world & Y2K fears:

bullet The millennium transition

bullet End-of-the-World Predictions made from 30 CE to the present time

bullet About 2012-DEC-21, inspired by the Mayan calendar
bullet Y2K computer problems, potential for violence, etc.

Attempted solutions to religious persecution:

bullet The US "Freedom from Religious Persecution Law "

bullet "International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church" Held annually in mid-NOV

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Other related menus on this web site: 

bullet Religiously/ethically/moral "hot topics" from abortion access to gun control, to equal rights for the LGBT community
bullet Laws restricting and protecting religion from school prayer to the wearing of religious jewelry

bullet Laws etc. protecting, oppressing, persecuting, and executing LGBT persons

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Reports on oppression and hatred involving, in part, religion:

bullet U.S. State Department's annual human rights reports: The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. Department of State publishes Country human rights and religious freedom reports annually. Sadly, although the reports catalog human rights abuses and victories in over 175 countries, it neglects conditions within the U.S. itself. See:
bullet "monitors the evolving problem of online bigotry. Visit their news feed or their web site.

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Copyright © 2014 to 2019 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance 
Originally posted: about 1997
Latest update: 2019-APR-15
Author: B.A. Robinson
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