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Religiously-motivated conflict,
oppression, unjustified discrimination, etc.


Basic information

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Topics included in this section:

bullet The silence of the religious lambs - Religious inactivity while the world burns.

bullet Current status of religious persecution worldwide.

bullet Overview of religiously motivated hatred, oppression and violence.

bullet Teachings of tolerance and intolerance etc. in various world religions.

bullet newsfeed of religious conflict, etc.
bullet Religious intolerance, violence etc mentioned in comic strips

bullet Past events:
bullet Blood libel, host desecration, "The Protocols," and other anti-semitic myths
bullet Oppression of women in Old Testament times:
bullet Passages treating women as inferior to men
bullet Passages describing women in negative terms; as equal to men; and as leaders
bullet Oppression of women within Christianity
bullet During early Christianity
bullet From the 2nd to the 16th century

bullet Bible related:
bullet Religiously intolerant passages in the Bible
bullet Religiously exclusive passages in the New Testament

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Other related sections on this web site: 


Religiously "hot topics" (Abortion, homosexuality, spanking children, etc.)


Laws restricting and protecting religion

External links to helpful websites:

bullet "The Internet as a Hate Tool," Anti-Defamation League, at:
bullet "monitors the evolving problem of online bigotry. Visit their news feed or their web site.

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