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Religiously-based conflicts


Specific events

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Topics include:

bulletThe two current, most intense, conflicts in the U.S.:
bullet Marriage equality -- allowing same-sex couples to marry
bullet Allowing access to abortion

bullet Conservative Christian boycott of Disney
bulletConservative Christian boycott of U.S. armed forces
bullet Wicca and military preparedness
bullet By Child Protective Services
bullet In the workplace
bullet In the public schools
bullet Hate-crimes, based on sexual orientation 
bullet Hate-speech

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bulletPotential terrorism recruitment:
bullet Radical Muslim group(s) in U.S. Prisons
bulletChurch/state separation issues:
bullet Primarily by municipalities and counties: Nativity displays, state/municipality mottos, symbols, crests, school and city council prayers, etc.
bullet By state governments
bullet By the U.S. Federal Government: Air Force Academy, Veterans' Admin., Chaplain service, and Bureau of Prisons

Involving the IRS

bulletOther religious conflicts:
bullet starThe craziness of the 2016 U.S. election season


starReligious-hatred and violence at the Start of Donald Trump's Presidency

bullet Guaranteeing personal religious freedom in the U.S.
bullet Petition to regain and preserve religious freedom
bullet The U.S. national motto: "In God We Trust."
bullet Harry Potter books
bullet Bible clubs and other student clubs in public school
bullet Religious conflicts at Christmas time
bullet Christian-Wiccan conflicts
bulletControversial statements by American religious leaders:
bullet By Pat Robertson
bullet By Jerry Falwell
bulletFilibustering in the U.S. Senate
bulletRecent examples of religious oppression in North America
bulletInternet Censorship
bullet Laws restricting Internet content
bulletCopyright theft from our web site
bulletReligious Insensitivity in Commerce
bulletPsychological and other hoaxes
bullet Are all Witches equal? Public confusion over the nature of Witchcraft

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